The Best National Parks for Wildlife Viewing

2/8/2019 | Activities

Finding unique and interesting wildlife is easy to do at these national parks. Here are our top three national parks to visit for animal viewing.

9 Tips for Spring Camping | Planning Your Early Spring Camping Trip

2/7/2019 | Plan

Make the most of your early spring camping trip this season with these expert tips and tricks. Read more & plan your camping adventure with KOA today!

How to Check Vehicle Fluid Levels | RV Preventative Maintenance

2/6/2019 | RV Advice

It doesn’t matter if it’s a motorized RV, your tow vehicle, or your daily driver, checking and maintaining all of the fluid levels is good preventive maintenance. In this RV how-to video we’ll show you what fluid levels to check, and how you to do it. Add these fluid level checks to your preventive maintenance schedule to help identify any problems early.

Make Your Own Valentine’s S’more Kit

2/1/2019 | Activities

Make your own Valentine’s Day s’mores kits to share the camping love with friends, family, and classmates – it’s the perfect way to tell a friend, “I like you s’more!”


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Skillet Breakfast

1/30/2019 | Cook

A quick and easy skillet breakfast you can easily customize with your favorite ingredients is a camping breakfast staple. Learn the basics of this classic camping breakfast.

More New KOA Campgrounds to Explore in 2019

1/29/2019 | Plan

Every year, new campgrounds join the Kampgrounds of America family of campgrounds expanding our system across the United States and Canada. Meet some of the new KOA campgrounds you’ll want to visit next year.