Ways to RV Camp at KOA Campgrounds

KOA Campgrounds offer a variety of hookups and site styles to suit your camping preferences, whether you're looking for RV camping near you or while on the road.

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How to Connect RV Hookups


Unwind your hose and connect it first to your RV and then to the tap or spigot. Turn on the water and check for leaks at either end. Having a water pressure regulator is recommended since water pressure can vary by campground. Having a water filtration system is also recommended for removing contaminants, like calcium, which can damage plumbing, fixtures and heaters.


Most people flush their black tanks on an as-needed basis while leaving the gray tank valve on. Black tanks should never be more than 75% full or left open. Make sure you have the proper sanitary equipment recommended for disconnecting.


Make sure the electric campsite receptacle matches the amperage requirements of your rig (normally 30 or 50 amp), then unwind the cord and plug it in. Many RV hookup boxes require you to flip a regulator breaker switch to turn power on and off. Electrical adapters may be needed.


  • Ensure the pedestal breakers are in the "off" positions before plugging (and unplugging) your RV cord.
  • Ensure major electrical appliances (especially AC) are off before plugging in.
  • Having a surge protector, that is quality and UL tested, is recommended before hooking up to a campground's electricity to prevent damage.

RV Campsite Styles

RV campsites also come in a number of styles:

  • Back-in RV Sites: These sites feature a 60-degree slant and a wide clearance, allowing you to back your camper into position. Once you've backed your rig into place, you can easily connect it to our hookups and get your camper up and running.
  • Pull-Thru RV Sites: If you feel uneasy about backing your large RV into place, reserve a Pull-Thru RV Site instead. These sites provide the same 60-degree slant, but you can drive straight through the site and park your RV in the perfect position.
  • RV Sites with KOA Patio®: RV Sites with a KOA Patio®, offer a spacious patio area and extra amenities such as picnic tables, patio furniture, additional seating, fire feature and much more. Check out specific KOA location pages to learn about the specific site amenities they offer.

Regardless of the type you pick, you'll appreciate how level the sites are at KOA campgrounds. A level site not only provides your camper with more stability, but it may also be necessary for your appliances to operate properly. Sure, you could use ramps or leveling blocks—but if your site is level to begin with that's one less step you have to go through before you can begin enjoying your RV camping adventure.

Concerned about the length of your rig? Motorhomes range from 17 to 40 feet. Fifth wheels and travel trailers range from 10 to 45 feet. Measure your camper to ensure you reserve a site that fits, and don't forget about slideouts and ramps that increase the total length. KOA RV Sites are made to accommodate a wide range of camper lengths, but it's still best to double check during booking. KOA.com's reservation form takes your RV's length into account when showing compatible sites, so as long as your length is accurate you'll only see sites that will be a good fit!

How to plan your RV camping trip

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Caring for Our Communities

KOA is committed to giving back within our local communities. Care Camps offers children with cancer a chance to relax with friends and have fun. We also have fun. We also offer environmental initiatives and work/camp opportunities.

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Finding a KOA for your upcoming RV excursion is easy with the KOA app, which you can use to find a KOA Campground near your desired destination. The app provides extensive information about each KOA location, including details about the amenities and kinds of RV Sites available. You can also use Find a KOA to search for KOA locations and the KOA Trip Planner to plan all the stops of your RV road trip.

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