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$124.95 for a Full Year of RV RoadHelp Coverage

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About RV RoadHelp

North American RV owners need a more comprehensive roadside service product! After talking with countless RV owners, we found that RV owners want a different peace of mind which focuses on quick solutions, less disruption, DIY options, and coverage of the right services without paying for unnecessary ones. So, we found the absolute best service providers in the RV and RV industry and bundled them together for this premier RV RoadHelp product.

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RV RoadHelp’s unmatched benefits Include: Unlimited service calls for 24/7 Flat Tire Repair or Replacement with tires available at nationwide discounted prices, Windhshield Repair or Replacement reimbursement of up to $250 with RV industry leading glass, and reimbursement of up to 5 Road Service events annually at $250 per event (equating to an additional $1,250 in value) for the following services: Towing and Extrication Assistance, Flat Tire Change, Oil, Gas, Fluid and Water Delivery Service, Battery Charging, Lock-Out Assistance, and not to mention 24-hour Live Tech Support, plus a subscription to RV Lifestyle & Repair for DIY help.

What RV RoadHelp Provides

Additional RV RoadHelp Benefits

Emergency Destination Assistance

In the event your automobile is disabled (not due to an accident) and you need alternate transportation to your destination or back home, this benefit entitles you to a reimbursement of up to $100 for emergency transportation (Uber, taxicab, rental car, shuttle, etc.) to an immediate destination.

Emergency Travel Expense (ETE)

If the member is in an accident more than 100 miles from home that disables their vehicle, we will pay the member up to $1,500 for hotel, meals, car rental, and transportation costs incurred by the member within three days of the accident. Coverage includes commercial transportation to the member’s destination and return after repair. Expenses for entertainment, recreation, and nonessential goods and services are not covered.

Ambulance Expense

We will pay the member up to the $100 benefit limit for ambulance service due to an automobile accident.

Traffic Court Defense

We will pay the member up to $100 for his/her defense regarding traffic tickets. Traffic court defense claims are limited to two during the membership period.

Identity Theft Assistance

Provides access to monitor the member’s Social Security Number, up to ten credit and debit cards, and up to ten bank accounts in underground chat rooms, websites and blogs where identity thieves trade and sell stolen data. Members also have access to a resolution service that provides personalized assistance in the event they become a victim of identity fraud. Also includes access to a Lost / Stolen Wallet service which will provide support in canceling and replacing lost or stolen credit cards.

24/7 Tech Support

Provides the member with a second opinion on their recreational vehicle service or repair estimates. The member can access repair referrals to the nearest qualified repair facilities, as well as repair confirmation via a toll-free number with an ASE Certified Master Technician to obtain a second opinion of proposed repairs and cost confirmation on repair estimate(s).

RVRC Subscription

Unlimited access to Premium RV repair and maintenance videos. We are constantly adding new ones! Watch step-by-step instructional demonstrations on repairing, maintaining and upgrading your RV anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone or tablet. With our streaming videos, (not available on YouTube) you can easily pause, rewind and fast-forward them and watch them as often as you like.

Geographic Coverage

Coverage provided for members in their covered Recreational Vehicles throughout the United States and Canada.

Compare Other Providers:

Provider Price/yr Towing Flat Tire Winching Windshield Repair 24/7 Tech Support RV Repair Club
RV RoadHelp $124.95
Nearest open certified repair facility or dealership
Good Sam Roadside Assistance $129.95
To neareset suitable repair facility
Includes any replacement
Coach-Net $249
No dollar or mileage limits
AAA $140-2101
No dollar or mileage limits
Escapees RV Club Roadside Assistance $148.953
To neareset suitable repair facility
Includes any replacement

Travel Safe with RV RoadHelp

With the comprehensive RV roadside assistance services from RV RoadHelp, you can rest assured that your RV travel is protected from the troubles of the road.