Camping Loyalty Program & Discounts With KOA Rewards

KOA Rewards campers get 10%* off daily registration rates all year long, and access to other great savings!

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Enroll in KOA Rewards for $36 and Receive:

  • 10%* off your daily registration rate
  • Rewards points that accumulate for cash off future stays
  • Free** night of camping during KOA Rewards Weekend
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Enhance Your Stay with KOA Rewards

If you like camping, then you will love being a part of the Kampgrounds of America KOA Rewards Program. Designed with campers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, KOA Rewards is both a discount and rewards program. From earning rewards while camping to receiving discounts at select merchants, our loyalty program is designed to help you save money in a few different ways.

Reasons to enroll in the KOA Rewards Program

Reasons to Join

The KOA Rewards Program can enhance your camping experience with special discounts, access to exclusive program-only perks and reward you each time you reserve a stay at KOA.


Loyalty Program Overview

Do more of what you love — camping — and reap the rewards when you join the KOA Rewards program!

The KOA camping discount program is a renewable annual program that any guest can enroll in. For just $36 a year, you get access to perks like:

  • 10%* discount on the daily registration rate at 500+ KOA locations
  • A free night of camping** during KOA Rewards Weekend at participating KOA Campgrounds
  • Exclusive offers and special discounts from our partners
  • And so much more!


Once your KOA Rewards is purchased, you can easily track and access your exclusive savings and see your account details through your KOA Account or via the KOA App.

From campground discounts at KOA Campgrounds to additional savings offers from our partners — on top of easy account access whenever you need it — you can see how quickly the $36 pays for itself. Enroll and start saving today!


2023 Bronze Corporate Social Responsibility Reward

2023 Silver Reward Design Reward

Save today with KOA REWARDS!

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KOA Rewards Program Benefits

You do not have to be a KOA Rewards program camper to experience the KOA difference, but enrolling in the loyalty program does provide exclusive access to program-only perks, discounts and savings that can enhance your stay even further.

Exclusive Benefits

KOA Rewards exclusive benefits are available to all campers upon enrollment in the loyalty program. For $36 a year, you receive:

  • Daily registration rate discount: You love the comfortable lodging, fun amenities and convenient campground locations that KOA provides — and KOA loves sharing them with you! As a valued camper of the KOA Rewards program, you receive 10% off* of the daily registration rate all year long at more than 500 KOA locations throughout North America, making it easier than ever to reserve a stay at KOA. Contact the knowledgable staff at a specific KOA location for more information about the daily registration discount.
  • Rewards points: As a KOA Rewards camper, you can earn rewards points that accumulate, and then redeem them for dollars off your daily registration rate!
  • Free night of camping: Enjoy a free night** at participating KOA Campgrounds during KOA Rewards Weekend. These special KOA weekends are just one way that KOA says thank you for continuing to choose KOA as your basecamp for all things camping. Learn more about upcoming KOA Rewards Weekends and see the list of all participating campgrounds for more information.
  • Special discounts from Goodyear Tires and RV Mattress.


KOA knows the value of giving back to local communities — that is why for every camper who enrolls in KOA Rewards, KOA donates a dollar to Care Camps. Care Camps are special nonprofit medically supervised camps designed to help children fighting or recovering from cancer enjoy a care-free, fun, sleep-away camping experience in the great outdoors. Learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Care Camps

Care Camps

For every camper who enrolls in KOA Rewards, KOA donates a dollar to Care Camps.


VIP Status and Benefits

Each year, KOA Rewards campers start at the Base level, earning points for dollars spent on daily registration rates. Campers who reach 20,000 points in their annual enrollment year will be automatically promoted to VIP status level, which includes all exclusive Base level perks, as well as:

  • Free KOA Rewards annual renewal: When you reach the VIP level, KOA will automatically renew your account for the next year for free!
  • The ability to earn points quicker: Guests whose KOA Rewards account reaches VIP status will earn reward points 25% faster.
  • Waived cancellation fees: For VIP campers, KOA will waive the standard $10 cancellation fee for a tent or RV Site if you call to cancel your reservation more than 48 hours in advance, or seven days prior to your KOA Cabin Stay. The $10 cancellation fee waiver does not apply to Deluxe Cabin stays, specialty accommodations, holidays or special events.
  • Bring-a-friend discount camping: Bring a friend along for your outdoor adventure, and they can receive 10% off* the daily registration rate for their site for up to four nights.


To retain VIP status, a KOA Rewards camper must earn 20,000 within each free VIP year, or they will drop back down to Base level. For KOA Rewards accounts that were purchased or renewed prior to Feb 21st 2023, there is a legacy bonus level at 6,500 points. See the points charts on this page for details.

Benefits Specifically for RVers

KOA knows that your rig is an important part of your life. That is why the KOA Rewards loyalty program offers deals, discounts and benefits specifically chosen with RVers in mind.

Family Motor Coach Association

The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is the world's largest nonprofit RV group and works to deliver relevant, must-know RV education for RVers and provides special travel discounts and fun-filled Rallies for its members. KOA Rewards account holders receive $10 off FMCA membership dues and an exciting welcome gift when you join FMCA as a new member.

Save today with KOA REWARDS!

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How Do Your KOA Reward Points Work?

As you accrue KOA Rewards points, you can redeem them for a discount on future KOA stays — but how do you earn these points, and where can you access them? Luckily, earning and redeeming KOA Rewards points is easy!

Earning Rewards Points

The points you earn are based on the daily registration rate and also reflect the level you are currently at within your account year. Loyalty program campers receive reward points every time you do the following:

  • For KOA Rewards accounts registered/renewed after Feb 21st 2023: When you pay for daily registration, earn points when you pay your daily site charge. For Base campers, this means earning anywhere from 900 to 1,300 points per stay. If you reach VIP status, then earn 25% more, resulting in 1,125 to 1,625 per stay!
  • For KOA Rewards accounts registered/renewed before Feb 21st 2023: Earn points when you pay your daily site charge. For Base campers, this means earning anywhere from 600 to 1,300 points per stay. Bonus level campers earn points 10% faster, accumulating between 660 and 1,430 points per site registration. Finally, VIP campers — who earn points 25% quicker than Base campers — can earn from 750 to 1,625 points.
  • Longterm stays: Longterm campers who stay more than 27 consecutive days can earn 75 points per day.
  • Reserving your stay online: Earn 250 additional rewards points when you make your KOA reservation online through the KOA website. These points will be applied to your account within 48 hours of checkout.


To see your benefits and track your rewards points, simply register your KOA Rewards number with your KOA Account or through the KOA App, available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Not sure how to find your KOA Rewards number? Contact our customer service team.

How to Use Your Points

To apply your KOA Rewards points to your daily camping registration rate, simply ask a KOA front desk person to apply your reward to your stay:

  • At 6,500 camping reward points, receive $10 off
  • At 15,000 camping reward points, receive $25 off
  • At 25,000 camping reward points, receive $50 off

Your camping reward points are applied to the first night of your stay, and cannot be applied toward your deposit. If you have available point rewards, you can use them when making a reservation online and they will be applied at check-in. If you don’t use them online, don’t worry, you can also apply points at the front desk. You can use all or some of your reward points — the choice is yours! Rewards points do not expire as long as you are actively enrolled in the program. Reward points can also be redeemed alongside your 10% registration discount.*

How To Access Your Account

Accessing Your Account

You can navigate your KOA Rewards loyalty account in two ways: through your account at and through the free KOA App.

Accessing Your Account

You can navigate your KOA Rewards loyalty account in two ways: through your account at and through the free KOA App.  If you have an existing KOA Account you will need to link your KOA Rewards account number to your KOA Account.

Your KOA Account

Your KOA Account is your access point to the great services you will enjoy with KOA Rewards and helps KOA provide you with personalized service and a camping experience tailored to your needs. Your KOA Account is where you can reserve your next KOA camping location, check your rewards points and take advantage of incredible coupons and deals. To access your exclusive savings and account details, you will need to add your KOA Rewards number within your KOA Account.

If you do not have a KOA Account, you can sign up for one here.

The KOA App

Download the free KOA Camping App to easily track your KOA Rewards points and loyalty program status. In addition to accessing your account, the KOA Camping App is designed for on-the-go assistance as you plan your ultimate KOA getaway. Browse specific campground information for more than 500 KOA locations, sort by distance or available amenities and make KOA reservations right from your phone. You will also receive notifications about the latest KOA deals and events, and stay up-to-date on emergency alerts. Download the App today from the App Store or Google Play and add your KOA Rewards number to see all your benefits.

Hear From Our Happy Campers

"KOA has great amenities and consistent quality from camp to camp. They are dependable and I love the points accrual and discounts."

-LeeAnn Kasparek
-KOA Rewards Camper

Enjoy Special Discounts When You’re Part of Our Loyalty Program

Learn more about the special discounts and partner offers that all loyalty program campers receive upon enrollment in the KOA Rewards program. For more details login to your KOA Account and link your KOA Rewards account number.

Goodyear Tires

Every outdoor explorer knows that having good tires is essential for a safe, stress-free camping trip. When KOA Rewards campers purchase tires at, you receive a 15% discount all year long. Think of all the money you could save over the course of just one year of KOA Rewards enrollment — money you could put toward upgrading other camping essentials, reserving your next KOA camping trip or stocking up on new outdoor gear. To learn more about this special Goodyear discount, log in to your KOA Rewards account.

Big4 Holiday Parks and Discovery Parks

Planning a trip to the land down under? KOA has partnered with both Big4 Holiday Parks and Discover Parks to help campers experience Australia to the fullest. Big4 Holiday Parks has more than 180 locations throughout Australia and offers active KOA Rewards campers a 10% campground discount at any of their campgrounds. Discovery Parks has more than 60 locations throughout Australia and also offers a 10% camping discount to all KOA Rewards campers. To receive the discount upon check-in, show your active KOA Rewards profile from the KOA App or print a copy of your information from your account.

RV Mattress

Sleep better with a mattress that is made for your RV, and use code KOA30 at check-out for 30% OFF for KOA Rewards campers.

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Purchase or Renew Rewards With KOA Today FAQs

What makes KOA Rewards so great? Unlike some camping discount clubs, the KOA Rewards program was created to help you enjoy all the perks of being a part of the KOA family all year long. Whether you are shopping for new tires or are in need of emergency roadside assistance, KOA is there for you. So no more searching for the best RV campground membership or loyalty program, purchase or renew rewards with KOA today and start earning points toward your next stay. If you have any questions about the KOA Rewards program, feel free to browse the FAQ page or reach out to a KOA staff member for further assistance.

Program rules, offers and partnerships are subject to change.

*Applies to daily registration rate. Not valid with special offers for weekly, monthly or seasonal rates and can not be combined with other offers. Check with specific KOA locations for details.

** Only at participating KOA Campgrounds and on limited sites. Must stay two consecutive nights at the same campground. Not valid with other discounts.

Terms & Conditions