Electric Vehicle Charging at KOA

At KOA, we believe in electric vehicles (EV), their potential and the many benefits they bring to our environment.
Keeping the outdoors clean is a priority for KOA and we are excited to be part of this future-forward vision. As such, we are adding EV charging infrastructure at many of our locations throughout North America to support our guests’ ever-changing needs.

Currently, however, a small portion of our campgrounds are set up with EV charging capabilities. It is essential to understand that EVs require constant electricity flow to charge their batteries, and the majority of our campgrounds’ electrical pedestals do not have this capability. Our current electrical pedestals were originally designed for non-continuous loads typical of today’s RV usage, and therefore simply cannot support EV charging. Plugging your EV into a traditional 50-30 amp campground pedestal could permanently damage your vehicle as well as the campground’s electrical system.

If a charging converter was provided by your auto manufacturer, it does not change the way electricity flows within the campground’s electrical infrastructure and should not be used to connect your EV to our campground pedestals.

EV Charging networks and mobile Apps

If EV charging is not yet available at your selected KOA, we recommend using one of the following apps and resources for the best travel experience possible!

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