North American Glamping Report

A first-of-its-kind report, the 2019 North American Glamping Report provides insights on the sentiment and preferences around the growing travel trend of glamping and is now available for use by industry leaders and the media.

North American Glamping Report

2019 North American Glamping Report Cover

The popularity of glamping has exploded in recent years among North American leisure travelers. The new North American Glamping Report provides findings on the preferences and behavior around glamping from leisure travelers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Just like the five-year North American Camping Report research initiative, this first annual report is also sponsored by Kampgrounds of America, an outdoor hospitality industry leader with more than 520 open-to-the-public campground locations across the U.S. and Canada designed for every type of camping – and glamping – experience.

Key findings of the 2019 North American Glamping Report include:

  • 30% of North American travelers say they have taken a glamping trip, which is self-defined, over the past two years.
  • Glamping is most frequently observed by younger travelers, including young families. Interestingly, glamping frequency is highest among travelers who reside in the Western U.S.
  • The glamping trend seems to be fulfilling travelers’ desire for a unique vacation experience as 64% of travelers agree that glamping provides a unique outdoor experience.
  • Cabins are the preferred accommodation among travelers who are seeking a glamping experience.
  • No surprise here, glampers want services and amenities that are associated with stays at hotels or resorts.


With correct sourcing and credit, KOA and its research partner Cairn Consulting Group encourages the use of North American Glamping Report findings by industry partners and the media. We’re happy to work with interested parties wanting to explore the findings further. Please use the links below to contact a member of the KOA Media Relations Team (use the Media Contact link), download printable photos or graphs from the 2019 North American Glamping Report (use the KOA Pressroom link), or desire additional information or facts about Kampgrounds of America (use the KOA Fact Sheets link).