North American Glamping Report

The 2022 North American Glamping Report provides insights on the sentiment and preferences around the growing travel trend of glamping and is now available for use by industry leaders and the media.

North American Glamping Report

2019 North American Glamping Report Cover

The North American Glamping Report is an industry-leading, annual research initiative detailing the consumer behavior and preferences of North America’s glampers. Compiled in partnership with Sage Outdoor Advisory, the report compiles industry data to better understand the glamping marketing.

The most recent iteration of the report shows a dramatic increase in glamping interest and bookings over the last year with nearly 17 million households taking a glamping trip in 2021. This is a 155% increase compared to 2019.

Key findings of the 2022 North American Glamping Report include:

  • Over the past 10 years, the industry has experienced a 310% increase in short-term glamping rentals and a 290% increase in glamping brands.
  • Glamping appeals most to Millennials and Gen Z, however, all generations indicate a level of awareness and interest in glamping. While the younger generations are more interested in glamping with friends and family, Baby Boomers and the Silent/Mature generations are most interested in a couple’s getaway.
  • 75% of those interested in a glamping experience want something that includes activities for both children and adults. 62% of glampers did so with young children.
  • While interest in glamping is highest among Asian and Hispanic leisure travelers, participation in glamping has grown the most amongst Black travelers, having doubled since 2021. Of particular interest, 1-in-5 Black leisure travelers indicate they have taken a glamping trip in the last 12 months — a higher percentage than any other demographic.
  • Glampers spend 45% more in local communities than standard campers.
  • Of those who have glamped, 74% plan to glamp again in the near future.


With correct sourcing and credit, KOA and its research partner Cairn Consulting Group encourages the use of North American Glamping Report findings by industry partners and the media. We’re happy to work with interested parties wanting to explore the findings further. Please use the links below to contact a member of the KOA Media Relations Team (use the Media Contact link), download printable photos or graphs from the 2022 North American Glamping Report (use the KOA Pressroom link), or desire additional information or facts about Kampgrounds of America (use the KOA Fact Sheets link).