When you're not using your RV, rent it to other campers and earn money! Renting is risk-free with $1M insurance coverage. Listing is FREE and takes just a minute.

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The Benefits of Joining the Outdoorsy Community:

  • Free to join
  • Make money
  • Insurance for RV owners and renters
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Around the clock roadside assistance
  • DMV checks for all drivers
  • Thousands of reviews from happy customers
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What is Outdoorsy?

With more than 15 million unused RVs in North America, Outdoorsy created an opportunity that benefited both the RV owners and people looking to try RV camping.

Outdoorsy offers a comprehensive platform for listing and renting RVs, with rental options ranging from vintage Airstreams, camper vans and toy haulers to fifth wheelers, Class A, B and C, trailers and motorhomes.

It's free to join, and Outdoorsy also provides the highest level of support and peace of mind for every owner and renter.

The Perfect Solution for RV Owners and Renters!

Make money renting your travel trailer today through Outdoorsy or travel the country in style.

Outdoorsy has thousands of RV options available for rent at an affordable price to kick-start your vacation - start your next great family adventure today!

Listing Your RV With Outdoorsy

If you are one of the millions of Americans who has an RV - whether it's sitting in your driveway year-round or it's only used for specific vacations - you can rent it to other campers. Not only does it allow you to earn money, but the process is also risk-free, including $1 million in insurance coverage.

How Listing Works

Renting your camper should be easy, and with Outdoorsy's RV owner rental program, you can enjoy a stress-free renting experience.

To get started, all you need to do is fill out Outdoorsy's quick and easy online form and answer a few questions about your RV - including information like the type, model year and length. Outdoorsy will list your RV and you can choose when you rent out your RV and to whom. Outdoorsy makes it easy to review potential renters with comprehensive profiles and reviews. They also complete a DMV check of potential renters.

List Your RV with Outdoorsy Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of Owners Renting an RV With Outdoorsy

When owners rent their RVs with Outdoorsy, they can earn up to $30,000 a year. You are fully insured with an industry-first liability policy. You only rent to people you trust, as Outdoorsy ensures qualified renters with profiles and reviews, along with DMV checks.

No matter if you want to rent your RV for weeks or months, you are in control by setting a schedule and rates. Twenty-four hours after your RV is rented, you receive money in your account via secure direct payments.

When you rent your camper through Outdoorsy, you can earn money on an otherwise stationary vehicle taking up space. About 93 percent of RV owners who rent with Outdoorsy average a 5+-star satisfaction rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Outdoorsy's insurance work?

Outdoorsy's $1 million liability insurance policy covers your RV when it is being rented. This policy also covers you for theft and damage subject to Outdoorsy's policies.

Can I choose who rents my RV?

Yes, you will always have the final say on who rents your RV and Outdoorsy makes it easy to review potential renter profiles.

How does Outdoorsy verify renters?

All RV renters pass an extensive driving history check and only approved renters can request to rent your RV.

How do renters pick up my RV?

You will arrange a location to meet with the renters the day of pickup to exchange keys and give them a walkthrough of your RV.

How do I get paid when I rent my RV?

Secure payments will be deposited directly into your bank 24 hours after your RV has been picked up.

How does Outdoorsy's roadside assistance work?

Outdoorsy partners with Coach-Net to provide the first ever pay-as-you-go roadside assistance for all RV rentals.

How much does it cost to list my RV on Outdoorsy.com?

It is free for RV owners to list their RVs on Outdoorsy! A small transaction fee is taken from each successful booking.

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What RV Owners Have to Say About Outdoorsy

Rent an RV Through Outdoorsy

RVs offer a unique travel experience, allowing you to spend time with friends and family. You can see new places across North America while also saving, compared to spending money on airplane tickets, hotels and other expenses.

How to Rent Your RV

If you are searching for the perfect RV vacation but don't want to make a considerable investment in buying your own rig, check out RVs for rent through Outdoorsy. The process can help you save money and make memories your family will never forget.

The Benefits of Renting an RV Through Outdoorsy

Travel like a pro and save money in the process. You can rent how you want, whether it involves a few days or several weeks. Renters are fully insured with a $1 million policy. Outdoorsy even offers 24/7 customer service and roadside assistance for ongoing support.

As a cost-effective way to explore the country, renting RVs through Outdoorsy is 20-63 percent less expensive for a family of four and 44-60 percent less expensive for couples compared to other forms of travel.

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