Makes it easier to bring your four-legged friend on your camping trip!


Camping is all about making memories with the most important people in your life, and that includes your furry family members. KOA makes it easy to travel with your four-legged companions thanks to KampK9 at KOA Journey, Holiday and Resort locations. A dog-friendly, fenced area gives your pups a designated place to run and play off the leash. Cleanup stations and fresh water for your pooch add to the convenience. Some KOA locations even have separate areas for large and small dogs, so your dog can be comfortable with other canines its own size. KampK9 also keeps you comfortable with plenty of seating.

Benefits of KOA’s Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

Companionship: KampK9 makes it easier to bring your four-legged friend on your camping trip. You can enjoy your camping experience more when you have your dog along for the ride. You won’t spend your time wondering how your dog is doing at the boarding facility. You also get to share great memories with your pet. With pet-friendly features, KOA helps your dog feel comfortable so that everyone enjoys the trip.

Security: KOA campgrounds uphold high standards of safety for you and your furry friend. From safe speed limits throughout the campground to clearly labeled on-leash and off-leash areas, you can rest assured that you and your pet are safe.

Space: Spread out and enjoy. Whether you tent camp or RV camp. KOA’s spacious sites let you enjoy more of the outdoors. Want more? On tent sites, RV sites, and Cabins across the system, you can enjoy KOA patios. Spacious, level sites that give you more space to camp with your dog, and maybe your family too.

Cleanliness: KOA campgrounds are maintained to maximize your comfort and make sure that you never have to worry about what your pup gets into. Secure trash, well-maintained grounds, and a staff who cares, helps to ensure your pet won’t get into something that might harm them. Many KOAs even provide pet wash areas, designated shower areas to keep your best friend looking as good as the grounds

Activities: KOA offers plenty of activities that are suitable for your canine companion. Take advantage of the fishing holes, hiking trails and other activities with your furry family member by your side. Look under the “activities” page of a KOA campground’s landing page to find what activities you and your dog can enjoy.

KOA Facilities With KampK9

You have plenty of options when it comes to KOA facilities with KampK9. You will find the dog park facilities at KOA Journey, Holiday and Resort campgrounds. Each type of KOA campground offers slightly different features to match your needs, so you can bring your dog along safely while getting the amenities that fit into your camping style. The following types of campgrounds welcome your pet at KampK9:

KOA Journey Logo

Journey: When you choose a KOA Journey Campground, you get all of the amenities you love with a design made for travelers. You will find these campgrounds near major highways and byways, so you can easily pull in after a long day of driving. Your pooch will be ready to stretch their legs on the spacious pull-through sites. Bring your dog along for the ride as you see more of the country.

KOA Holiday Logo

Holiday: KOA Holiday locations give you the perfect place to relax with friends, family, and fur babies. You get KampK9 for your pet and loads of other amenities for yourself. Bring friends with pets too! At KOA Holidays, there are group facilities and self-serve activities that you, your dog and your friends will enjoy.

KOA Resort Logo

Resort: When you want to get away for a long, fun-filled trip, consider a KOA Resort. These locations offer an extensive variety of amenities, activities and recreation options. Check the availability to find activities your pup can do too. Your pup may not be able to go into the resort pool with you, but you can find plenty of other ways to bond with your dog while staying at a KOA Resort campground. Give your pet their own resort experience with plenty of time at KampK9.

You and Your Dog Will Love KOA Campgrounds

KOA offers all the conveniences you want plus a dog-friendly spot for your furry family members. The fenced KampK9 area at KOA Journey, Holiday, and Resort locations keeps your dog safely confined, so they can burn off energy without being stuck on a leash. That is important when you’re camping because they can’t always run and play as much as they do at home, and while they play you can sit back and relax on the seating in the area. When they need a break, your pup can enjoy a drink of fresh water. It is always a good idea to check on the specific pet policies at the campground you choose. KOA campgrounds with dog parks are pet-friendly, but some locations may limit pets to certain campsites or certain types of accommodations.

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Camping With Your Dog

Nothing beats having your best friend with you on your camping trip, but bringing your dog camping requires a little extra thought and planning to ensure they have everything they needs. The first step is locating campgrounds that allow dogs. That is easy with dog-friendly KOA locations throughout North America. Once you have found the perfect pet-friendly KOA location, you are ready to get to work on prepping for your trip with your furry friend.

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What to Pack When You Take Your Dog Camping

Save some extra room in your RV for your furry friend’s necessities. Of course, you’ll need all the camping basics for yourself and other human family members, but you also need all of the supplies and gear your dog might need for the duration of the trip.

Food: Pack enough food to last the whole excursion or pack a small supply and grab more once you arrive. If your pet eats a particular type of food that is hard to find, be sure to bring along enough for the entire trip. Bring more than your dog would normally eat – about 1.5 to 2 times the usual amount – to account for higher activity levels at the campground. Keep the food in a sealed container to keep bugs out of it. Bring treats along if you give them to your pet regularly. Long-lasting chews or other toys work well for keeping your dog occupied during down time at the campground.

Medications: If your furry family member takes prescription medication, pack enough to last through the trip. Bring along any other first aid or care items your pet needs, such as insect repellent, sunscreen, supplements, flea and tick protection, anti-itch spray and ear cleanser.

Safety gear: Your pet may need some safety equipment depending on where you camp and what you plan to do with your pet. Some of those items may include a cooling bandana, coat or life jacket.

Toys: Pack toys and other items to keep your dog entertained while you relax at your campsite.

Collar with tags: It is important to have proper tags and identification on your canine companion at all times, but especially when you are away from home; these should include tags showing that your dog has their rabies vaccination and that it is licensed. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your pet’s health and vaccination records. Ensure your contact information is easily visible somewhere on your dog’s collar or tags as well so that you can be easily contacted should you and your dog get separated.

Dishes: Bring small food and water dishes to use at the campground. Collapsible bowls are easy to pack and store when not in use and can also be taken on hiking excursions.

Bags: When camping, it is important to leave no trace of your time there. That includes your dog’s poop. Cleaning up immediately is an important part of keeping the campground clean and safe for everyone. Pack plenty of poop bags, so you can clean up messes at your campsite and when you go for walks. KampK9 facilities make it easy to pick up after your pet in the dog park area by providing cleanup stations.

Pet bed: Slip a pet bed in your camper, so your furry family member has their own place to sleep. You can bring their bed from home or buy a special bed that you keep with your camping gear. It is also a good idea to bring a pillow or blanket that you don’t mind being outside, so your dog has a soft place to sleep or rest while you’re outdoors.

Leashes: Campgrounds generally require you to keep your dog leashed unless in a designated dog park area, like KampK9 Bring a lead that you can use at the campsite along with a tie-out stake to keep them secure and pack leashes for walks around the campground. You will also need a harness or collar.

Kennel: If you plan to leave your pup in your RV while you do activities, you may want their kennel to keep them secure and to prevent them from damaging items in the RV.

Towels: Your pup will likely get wet and possibly muddy at some point during the trip. Bring several old towels designated as dog towels to dry and clean your pet. The towels can also double as a soft spot for your dog to lie down outside.

Before You Leave

Make sure your dog is ready for your camping trip by taking care of any checkups and appointments they need. Check their vaccination record to ensure they are current on their shots. If not, schedule an appointment before your trip, so you can make sure they are healthy and safe. Give them heartworm treatment, flea and tick treatments, and any other preventative treatments before heading out for your trip. If they will be due for these while you are gone, be sure to pack them.

Check their license to ensure it is up to date. Attach the licensing tags to their collar, so you have documentation that shows they are up to date. If your dog is microchipped, make sure the contact information associated with the chip is current and includes at least one mobile phone number so that you can be reached even if you are on the road.

Grooming is another thing to consider before camping with your pet. Schedule them for grooming and a nail trim before the trip, so that they are comfortable outdoors.

Another important step to take before your trip is to review the rules and restrictions for pets at your selected campground. Most campgrounds require you to keep your dog to be on a leash at all times. The location may restrict where your pet can go. Familiarize yourself with those rules to ensure you follow them once you arrive.

Tips for Camping With Dogs

Your home is already pet-proofed, so caring for your pup is easier. You have your routine, and you have full access to all of your pet supplies. When you bring your dog along for a camping trip, you have to spend a little more time and effort making sure your furry friend stays safe and has fun.

Follow these tips when camping with your pup:

Provide water: Your dog needs a constant supply of fresh water at the campground, especially when you camp in hot weather. Keep a bowl of water outdoors and readily available while you are at the campsite. With water easily accessible, KOA makes it easy to keep your pet’s bowl full of clean water.

Watch the temperature: Summer is a popular time for camping, but high temperatures can be dangerous for your dog. Keep your pup cool when the temperature soars. Bring them inside your RV to enjoy the air conditioning or help them relax in the shade if you are tent camping. Limit the time you spend doing physical activities, such as hiking, during the hottest part of the day. Early mornings and evenings are cooler, so your pup doesn’t get overheated. A dog tent is another way to provide cooling shade for your pup during the day.

Bring a long lead: Since your dog needs to stay on a leash at your campground, you want to give them enough room to move around the area. Pack a long lead or cable, so they has some room to roam. Be aware of the length to ensure your dog doesn’t encroach on your camping neighbor’s area.

Supervise: At home, you may let your dog play in the backyard or house unattended. At the campground, your pup needs constant supervision. KOA campgrounds are safe and clean, but your pup could sniff out something that is potentially dangerous if not supervised carefully. The unfamiliar surroundings could make your dog uneasy. They also needs supervision in case other campers approach. It is important to supervise those interactions to make sure your dog and human neighbors feel comfortable and safe at all times. Keeping your dog close to you is the easiest way to supervise them. If you do need to leave, place them in a kennel or other secure space.

Clean up: Pick up your dog’s messes right away. Leaving messes on the grass makes your campsite smelly and attracts bugs. Keep the area clean for yourself and your camping neighbors.

Stick to a schedule: Your schedule is often more laid back, and you may make decisions as you go rather than planning everything. However, it is still important to stick to a schedule for your pooch, especially when it comes to feeding. Feed your pet at the same times you do when you are at home to help keep them on their regular schedule.

Make a doggy first aid kit: Being out in nature makes your pup happy, but it also exposes them to some potential dangers. Pack first aid supplies to use on your dog in case they have an accident while on the camping trip. Some items you should bring include gauze, cotton swabs, non-stick pads, medical tape, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, allergy medication, oral syringe, and hot and cold packs. Many of the same items you use on yourself work for your pet, but be sure to check with your veterinarian before administering any medications; some medications that are great for humans can be harmful to dogs.

Protect against dangers: Keep your pet away from potential hazards. The campfire is one of the biggest risks. Position your dog’s lead, so that they cannot reach the fire.

Check for debris or bugs in fur: As your dog explores in nature, they may pick up burrs, ticks and other things. Check their fur and skin regularly, particularly for ticks. Remove ticks immediately if you spot any. Brush out any seeds and other plant debris. Preventative flea and tick treatments before you leave can help to alleviate some of these issues.

Why Leave Your Pup Behind?

Find a KOA campground in your favorite destination, and take your furry best friend along for the adventure. When you stay at a Journey, Holiday or Resort location, you get access to KampK9, so your pup has a spot to call their own. Reserve your campsite now and start making memories that your whole family will remember for years to come.

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