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Tent camping at KOA combines all the traditional elements you love, like campfires and sleeping under the stars, with the convenience of having the necessities nearby. You'll have a wide variety of amenities to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable when you choose tent camping at a KOA Campground.

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Choose a KOA Tent Site for Your Next Adventure

Many lifelong and new campers started their outdoor experience in a tent. It's one of the simplest and most straightforward methods of camping, takes little to prepare, and is the most affordable. At KOA, we make sure to cover the basics for tent campers, and then we dial it up with some modern necessities and even some luxuries.

KOA basic tent camping sites cover the basics and a little more with level sites, and access to hot showers and bathrooms. At KOA Journey, KOA Holiday and KOA resort campgrounds, you will find a number of tent camping options. Premium tent sites offer ample parking, your own electric hookup, a KOA "site light", and a large area to pitch your tent. KOA Patio® tent sites provide you your own surfaced patio complete with a gas grill, fire ring, and patio furniture.

The first think you'll notice when tent camping at a KOA is how level the sites are. Have you ever tried to pitch a tent on a slope? What about sleeping on an incline? KOA campgrounds eliminate that concern by giving you a flat place to call home during your stay. You'll also notice that our tent spots are spacious, so go ahead and stretch your legs.

You won't have to haul water from some far-away spot to your tent. KOA tent sites offer conveniently placed waterspouts in the tent area. Some sites even have their own waterspouts. You can also power all our electronics when you choose a site with electric hookups. Don't worry. It's still considered camping even if you're connected to the grid!

We're Pitch Perfect

Tent camping is the perfect entry point for camping and being in the outdoors, and KOA makes tent camping convenient, easy, and affordable. Combine the close-to-nature and "roughing it" feeling of sleeping in a tent with the upgrades and amenities of a KOA tent site, and you have a recipe for a perfect camping experience.

More About Tent Camping

Still wondering if KOA has what every tent camper needs? Let's review:


Clean restrooms

Hot showers

Pet parks (let's not forget about your best friend)

Laundry facilities

Fire rings to help create amazing campfires

KOA store (for those forgotten items)

Group options (bring all your tenting friends

Benefits of Tent Camping

Tent camping keeps you in tune. Pitching a tent and sleeping underneath the stars is the perfect way to connect to nature, yourself and one another. KOA tent campsites take the hassle out of your camping experience by providing clean, level sites and convenient amenities. So why pack up a tent for your next camping trip? Check out these reasons for choosing tent camping for your next adventure.

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Pet-Friendly Environment

Looking for a way to bring your furry family member along for the trip? Try out our pet-friendly areas and dog parks. If you're the kind of camper that doesn't want to stray too far from your pet, you can relax knowing KOA loves animals too and they're more than welcome. All KOA Campgrounds are pet-friendly, although some locations limit pets to certain sites or might have restrictions on certain breeds. Always check ahead of time if you're planning to bring your pet camping.

When you dog needs a safe place to stretch their legs, venture over to a KampK9® pet park. These designated areas designed for safety, socialization, and fun provide a fenced-in area for you four-legged friend to roam off-leash, and ample seating for you to relax and observe. you will also find cleanup stations, fresh water, and more. Check with specific campgrounds for more information on available KampK9 amenities.

Another perk of pets at the campground? They make great icebreakers when you meet other campers. KOA pet areas offer the perfect spot to chat with fellow campers who share your love for dogs (and camping), while the dogs run and play together!

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Extra Amenities & Activities

KOA locations have a high standard for quality and comfortable amenities for our guests. Some campgrounds have extra unique amenities that make the camping experience that much better. Those extras vary from one location to the next, but you're always in for a treat with the extra amenities and activities you'll discover. When you're not sleeping in your tent or relaxing by the fire, take advantage of unique KOA amenities! Some of the possibilities include:

Swimming pools

Fishing Ponds & Fishing Rentals

Water Sports

Mini golf

Bike rentals

Hiking trails


Pancake Breakfast

Movie Nights

Game Rooms

Horseback Riding

Gem Mining

Tours to Local Attractions

And Much More

Make a KOA Tent Site Reservation

If you'd like to reserve a tent site for your upcoming camping trip, do so in the easiest way possible: with the: KOA App. This App allows you to search for locations nearby, compare location amenities and make a reservation for a tent camping site – all conveniently from your phone. You can also make a reservation online or by calling your desired KOA location. So what are you waiting for? Start planning you outdoor camping adventure today!

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