Long Term Camping

With full hookups, friendly service and impressive amenities, KOA is the natural extended stay choice, whether you’re a snowbird or just prefer a longer stay.

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You're Always Welcome

When you decide to "put down roots" and stay for a while, KOA really rolls out the red carpet.

KOA has created great communities for snowbirds and other campers wanting to get more out of their summers with longer stays. There are always plenty planned to keep you occupied, and our high-quality amenities will ensure that you stay comfortable during your stay.

KOA Resorts and KOA Holidays are great places to settle in, and KOA Journeys are excellent spots to stop on your way to and from home.

Long Term Camping With Great Amenities

When you choose to spend your extended vacation with KOA, you'll be in good company. Get to know our friendly staff in the yellow shirts, and take advantage of great amenities waiting for you at the 500+ KOA locations:

  • Site variety
  • Clean, level grounds
  • Sites with a KOA Patio®
  • Dog parks
  • Full hookup sites that come with 30-amp and 50-amp service
  • Special seasonal and extended stay long-term rates at most locations

Extended Stay Facilities and Amenities

Our KOA locations offer high-quality, useful features that make your extended stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Extended Stay 101

How long is a long term camping trip? That’s up to you! Some campers spend a few weeks. Others stay all winter. Still others travel around the country indefinitely in an RV as modern day nomads. Whatever your style, a long term camping trip could be just what you need.

Extended stay campgrounds feature sites in a variety of styles to suit your camping style. Whether you're searching for long-term RV parks or tent camping, KOA has what you need. KOA offers level, clean sites for long-term RV parking. You can opt for a Pull-Thru RV Site™ or a Back-In RV Site™ — whichever you prefer. Each site comes with both 30-amp and 50-amp service.

Each RV Site

Each site comes with both 30-amp and 50-amp service.

Sites with full hookups make long-term stays easier, as they have a direct connection to water, electricity and sewer. Your RV will have most of the conveniences you enjoy at home. Many of our RV sites also feature a KOA Patio™ so that you can make the most of your site's outdoor space.

KOA Campgrounds are also a great place to make long-lasting memories by connecting with friends, exploring nature and enjoying outdoor activities. Over the years we've added many features and amenities to our campgrounds, including playgrounds, laundry facilities and on-site KOA stores for last-minute items — just to name a few. At KOA, we provide you with whatever you need to make your extended stay more enjoyable and comfortable.

KOA is a community. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you pull up. You can see it in the friendly smiles behind the yellow shirts. You notice it in the helping hand you get from our experienced staff. When you stay a little longer than normal, you will get to know your fellow snowbirds and long-term campers. KOA becomes your temporary neighborhood while you’re away from home.

If you are planning to stay longer than 28 days, call your local KOA to make a reservation.

If you are planning to stay longer than 28 days, call your local KOA to make a reservation.

Reasons to Consider Long-Term RV Camping

If you're unsure whether an extended RV stay is right for you, consider the following benefits:

  • Savings: The savings you'll enjoy long-term camping will more than make up for the cost of a trip. Even if you don't own an RV and decide to rent one, traveling in an RV is still often more affordable than traditional travel. One major expense you'll be saving on is lodging, as an overnight stay at a full-service RV park is significantly less than a stay at a hotel — especially if you have a big family. Also, as an RV allows you to cook wherever you go, you'll be saving on meals, as well.
  • Flexibility: If you want maximum flexibility during your vacation, RV travel is a great option. You can stop whenever and wherever you'd like, and lengthen or shorten your stay in any location. You can also easily change your travel plans last-minute.
  • Convenience: As you have no restrictions on luggage, you can pack whatever you'd like, including sports gear and board games. Having a bathroom available at all times is another major convenience. As most RVs are equipped with entertainment systems, you'll get to enjoy most of the amenities you've become accustomed to at home.
  • Spending quality time in nature: North America offers stunning scenery, and your RV allows you to experience its mountains, beaches and lakes up close. You'll have the opportunity to relax in the fresh air and enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking and bicycling.

Spending Quality Time in Nature

You’ll have the opportunity to relax in the fresh air and enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking and bicycling.

Other Campsite Options for Non-RVers

One reason that so many campers pick KOA for their extended camping stays is the wide variety of lodging options available. In addition to our many RV campsites, we also offer:

  • Deluxe Cabins: These cozy cottages come with private full bathrooms, electricity, beds and, in some cases, other features like TVs and kitchenettes.
  • Camping Cabins: These log-style accommodations offer rustic charm with the added convenience of electricity and beds.
  • Tent Sites: Pitch your tent and camp under the stars with these clean and level tent campsites.
  • Glamping Tents: These tents offer you a twist on the traditional camping experience with some extra amenities and comforts.
  • Other Unique Lodging Options: We also offer teepees, Airstream rentals and various other unique lodging options for an unforgettable camping experience.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Unique Lodging Options

We also offer teepees, Airstream rentals and various other unique lodging options for an unforgettable camping experience.

Benefits of Long-Term Camping

Benefits of camping during your extended vacation include:

  • Cost savings: If you choose to stay in a hotel or rent a vacation home for your vacation, the costs will add up quickly, especially if you're vacationing for more than a week. Camping is a much more cost-effective option, whether you plan to stay in a tent, cabin or RV. If you choose to camp, you can use those savings to explore more of your destination or stay for even more time. When looking for campgrounds, look for an “Extended Stay” link on their page to see if they offer discounted rates for longer stays. You can also call the campground directly to find out more.
  • Avoid the cold: Just because you live in an area with long, inhospitable winters doesn't mean you have to stay there. Pack up your RV and head to a KOA location in the South to escape the chilly weather.

Avoid the Cold

Pack up your RV and head to a KOA location on the South to escape the chilly weather.

  • Extended adventures: While some people are satisfied with just a week-long excursion, you may be craving more. Long-term campgrounds allow you to continue your adventures for several weeks or more. Whether you remain in one location or go on a cross-country adventure, KOA locations offer a convenient place for you to stay during your extended trip.
  • Change in surroundings: Have you grown tired of looking at the same things out your window? By camping long-term, you'll get out of that rut, no matter what time of year it is. Pick one of our locations in the South, where you can explore the region's natural and enjoy its warmth. By doing an extended stay, you can experience more of what the region has to offer.
  • Camping fun: If you have fun on shorter camping trips, extended stays are great ways to keep the fun going. If you choose a KOA Campground for your long term camping trip, you can easily access everything that Mother Nature can offer you, not to mention the campground's wonderful amenities.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Long-Term Camping Trip

If you're a snowbird planning to head south for the winter and enjoy the warmth of the South, you have a lot of states to choose from. You can even pick a different one each year to keep things interesting! Some of the Sun Belt KOA states include:

  • Florida: KOA boasts over 20 locations in the Sunshine State. You can pick a seaside location or an urban area in the middle of the state to suit your camping preferences.
  • Georgia: By spending the winter in Georgia, you'll enjoy lots of Southern hospitality and rich history. When planning your Georgia trip, you'll have nearly 10 locations to choose from, which span from the northern border to the southernmost part of the state.
  • South Carolina: KOA offers nine locations in South Carolina, allowing you to enjoy the state's beaches, cities and mountains.
  • Louisiana: Come to one of our Louisiana locations to soak up the state's distinctive Southern charm.
  • Texas: This massive state has a lot to offer — from the gulf coast in the east to the deserts and gorges in the west. Luckily, with over 20 KOA locations to choose from in the state, you're sure to find a location in the area of your choice. Winter Texans are people who leave their colder native states and head to the great state of Texas during the winter. Winter Texans soak up the warm temperatures in the state for several weeks or months.
  • New Mexico: You can choose from over 10 KOA locations in this unique Southwestern state.
  • Arizona: KOA has 13 locations scattered throughout the diverse state of Arizona, allowing you to see the beautiful deserts in the south, the breathtaking canyons in the north and Arizona's biggest cities, including Phoenix and Tucson.
  • California: California is perhaps the most diverse state of them all, with lush Redwood forests in the north, beautiful beaches and deserts in the south, dramatic geography, like Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, and world-class cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can enjoy all California has to offer at more than 30 KOA locations.

Halfbacks enjoy the moderate climates in the middle states in areas such as Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Halfbacks enjoy the moderate climates in the middle states in areas such as Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Halfback campgrounds allow you to enjoy the climate you desire, with the option to travel to a variety of different areas. Choose from a number of KOA halfback campgrounds!

Choosing the Perfect Campsite

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you'll want to make sure to reserve the right campsite for your needs. Here are three useful tips for choosing the perfect campsite:

  • Make sure the site suits your needs: If you have a 37-foot RV and reserve a small tent site, you're going to be disappointed, so make sure that you cover the basics before you make a reservation. Are you going to feel anxious about parking your big rig into a back-in only site? Be sure you get a pull-thru site instead. When you reserve online with KOA, you can see comprehensive information on the sites available and the staff at KOA locations are always happy to answer any questions.
  • Consider elevating your experience: Many KOA Campgrounds offer sites with a KOA Patio™. These sites offer a spacious outdoor patio area, complete with outdoor furniture and the perfect place to have a fire.
  • Prioritize: Are you trying to travel light? If that's the case, a cabin may be the way to go! If you love pitching your own tent and camping under the stars then it may be worth packing up all the tent camping gear for your long term trip. Be sure to think about what is most important to you when deciding on a campsite for your extended vacation.

Benefits of Long-Term Camping

Extended stays require a bit more preparation than shorter trips. This preparation included packing everything you'll need for weeks or months, securing your house and planning how you'll be camping. Organization is key both before leaving and once you arrive.

Organization is key both before leaving and once you arrive.

Trip Preparation

Since you'll be away from home for a while, you'll want to take care of several things before leaving. By doing the following tasks, you'll improve the safety of your home and give yourself peace of mind that will let you better enjoy your trip. Take care of these things before leaving:

  • Hold your mail delivery.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home.
  • If you're vacationing in the winter and live in a snowy area, arrange for somebody to take care of the snow removal.
  • If vacationing during the warmer months of the year, hire someone to mow your lawn.
  • Lock all your doors and windows.
  • Put all your valuable items in a safety deposit box.
  • Let your local police department know you'll be away, just in case there's an emergency.
  • Make any necessary doctor appointments before you leave.
  • Refill your prescriptions.
  • Store away any outdoor furniture, grills, planters or other outdoor gear that could blow over or get damaged while you're away.

If you're a snowbird planning to head south for the winter, you will need to winterize your house before leaving. Here are a few tasks you'll want to complete before you go:

  • Cut off the water supply to prevent bursting pipes.
  • Disconnect hoses from your outdoor water spigots.
  • Lower the thermostat, but make sure it's set at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you're planning to keep the water on.
  • Consider installing a water flow monitor and temperature sensor with remote monitoring. It will allow you to keep an eye on your house while you're vacationing.
  • Schedule maintenance for your furnace before leaving to make sure it's working properly.
  • Unplug all your appliances and turn off the water supply to your dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Thoroughly clean your house, especially the kitchen. This will discourage any pests from entering.
  • Get rid of any perishable food items.
  • Take your trash out.
  • If you're planning to unplug the refrigerator while away, prop its doors open to prevent mildew from forming.
  • Clean out your gutters so melting snow can freely flow.

What to Pack

Packing is a notoriously time-consuming endeavor — especially if you're going to be away for an extended period. Remember to bring along anything you may need for your long trip. While some things, such as extra toiletries, may be easy to buy while away, items such as important documents or prescriptions aren't as easy to replace.

Below is a general list of items to pack:

  • Equipment and maintenance items: Don't forget to bring your hoses, cords or leveling equipment if you're traveling in an RV. It's also not a bad idea to bring a kit of tools and parts commonly used for minor repairs and regular maintenance.
  • Cooking items: Make sure to pack your pans, utensils, portable grill, camp stoves and other cooking equipment. KOA campsites offer fire pits for you to cook in, and some sites also have grills.

KOA Campsites

KOA campsites offer fire pits for you to cook in, and some sites also have grills.

If you're a snowbird planning to head south for the winter, you will need to winterize your house before leaving. Here are a few tasks you'll want to complete before you go:

  • Clothing: The kind of clothing you pack will largely depend on your destination. Even if you're heading down south for warmer temperatures, you should consider packing some warmer outfits, as the nights may still be chilly.
  • Personal items: Don't forget to bring any toiletries, medications or other personal items you'll need on your vacation.
  • Towels and bedding: Make sure you pack enough sheets, blankets and towels for your stay.
  • Important documentation: As you'll be away from an extended period of time, make sure you bring any important documentation or paperwork. If you'll be crossing the border, bring your passport along. Don't forget your ID, emergency contact info or insurance cards, either. If you'll be away past April 15, bring along your tax paperwork as well.
  • Laundry supplies: If you're vacationing for weeks or months, you're going to have laundry to do. KOA locations have self-service laundry facilities, so you won't need to travel far to clean your clothes. Bring along a laundry bag or basket, detergent and any other supplies you regularly use when doing laundry.

Safety Tips

Long-term camping takes you away from the safe environment you're used to enjoying at home. Here are some ways to ensure your safety while camping:

  • Obey the rules: Familiarize yourself with the rules at your KOA location so you're aware of any wildlife or other hazards.
  • Bring along your canine: If you have a furry best friend, bring them along! Your dog will enhance your long-term camping experience and serve as an alarm if they hear or see anything unusual. Before your visit, check with the KOA where you'll be staying to learn about their pet policies.
  • Protect your food: Keep your food in sealed containers in your RV to reduce the chance of unexpected interactions with wildlife. This is an especially important practice in places with bears and other large animals. Throw your food waste away in designated trash cans to keep your site safe.
  • Get to know your fellow campers: Getting to know your fellow RVers during your long-term stay will give you a stronger sense of security. It's a good feeling to know someone is looking out for you.
  • Let others know about your travel plans: Let a friend or family member back home know about where you're going to be during your trip. Occasionally check in with them to let them know everything is okay.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast: If you're a snowbird escaping the cold winter weather, you may feel it's okay to ignore the forecast. However, even though you won't be experiencing any blizzards, other types of severe weather could occur. Always watch the weather forecast so you'll know what's coming. Dress appropriately for the weather and make sure to take shelter during high winds, thunderstorms and other forms of extreme weather.
  • Add personal touches: This tip is less about safety and more about just feeling comfortable, but it's still a great idea when setting up your camp. Put up photos in your RV, hang hammocks outside and roll out some rugs. Touches like these will help you relax and settle into your temporary home.

Making Your Extended Stay Reservation

Planning an extended trip? Don’t wait to reserve your perfect KOA campsite. Extended stay campsites may be limited, and the campgrounds fill up quickly during peak times. Calling early ensures you get the spot you want at your preferred location for the duration of your trip. You also need to call the campground to reserve sites for stays longer than 28 days, since you can't reserve stays longer than this online.

Calling earlyensures you get the spot you want at your preferred location for the duration of your trip.

Some KOA Campgrounds offer monthly rates for extended stays. Call your preferred KOA to reserve a site for your long-term camping trip today!