Unique Lodging

We've got unique camping options for every glamping desire. Sleep in a tree, train, safari tent and so much more. At KOA our goal is to make every camping experience unique.

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Unique Lodging

Looking for something a little "different" for your next KOA camping experience?

How about a stay in an authentic teepee? Or perhaps a yurt, or even a real train caboose? Or maybe "glamping" in a well-appointed cabin tent is more your style. KOA campgrounds are a great place to find a unique accommodation for your next camping trip. All of these special places to stay come complete with real beds and other amenities to keep you comfortable.

And while you won’t find something unique at every KOA (after all, that‘s & what makes them unique) you will see more special offerings coming to more KOAs. Be sure to click the link below to begin your search for something really special for your next family camping trip or weekend getaway at KOA.

High Quality Unique Lodging

There are endless ways to enjoy a campsite. Whether you're pitching a tent, pulling out the sleeping bag or rolling up in your RV, every group of campers has their own preference for how to maximize their camping experience. That's why KOA offers unique lodging at select campgrounds. These fun and exciting new ways to create a cool camping experience for your next outdoor adventure include:

  • Airstreams
  • Cabooses
  • Teepees
  • Conestoga Wagons
  • Yurts
  • Tree Houses
  • Wall Tents

Glamping with KOA

What is Glamping?

Many people like the idea of being in the great outdoors and communing with nature, but they may not be quite as excited about the idea of "roughing it." Glamping camping, a combination of "glamour" and "camping," lets those who seek out glamping sites enjoy the best of both worlds. You get the traditional camping elements of the past with the amenities of today.

Why Go Glamping?

So why go glamping? Isn't the whole point of camping to be self-sufficient? Well, we think the whole point of camping is to have fun as part of a nature-loving community. The best glamping allows you to do exactly that.

Glamping Options at KOA

If you're wondering where to find glamping near you, you've come to the right place. We have luxurious glamping tents and glamping trailers for you to enjoy, just as we do for traditional camping. So, grab your glamping gear and read on to learn about our various camping and glamping locations near you and options.

Types of Unique Lodging

Airstream Trailer

Airstream Travel Trailer

What Is an Airstream and Why Is Airstream an American Icon?

If you like the idea of RV camping, you'll love camping in one of our Airstreams. What makes Airstream camping so special is their unique appearance, featuring a rounded body and a shiny, polished aluminum finish. Wally Byam designed the first Airstream trailer in 1929 and the brand persists today as an American icon. These timeless, iconic trailers revolutionized travel and adventure, as we know it. Camping in an Airstream is a unique way to connect with American history while discovering all that KOA has to offer.

Why Camp in an Airstream?

Airstream camping combines the best of the most popular camping worlds. You get the protection of a trailer, with no need to worry about maneuvering a full-sized RV to your chosen campsite location. If you're not excited about full scale "roughing it," or getting soaked in the rain or freezing when it gets cold at night, the Airstream cabin offers the comfort you need while still allowing you to fully enjoy the nature around you.

What You Should Know Before Reserving Your Airstream

Airstream camping is only available at select KOA campground locations, so be sure we have Airstream campgrounds at the campsites you want to visit. You may want to find out what sizes are available and what attractions are nearby. Also, contact the KOA of your choice to learn about any renting requirements or restrictions beforehand, so you don't run into trouble when you arrive on site.

Rent an Airstream Today and Try Airstream Camping at KOA

If you're excited about enjoying the campground through traditional camping or glamping camping in the comfort of an Airstream, we don't blame you! Contact KOA to reserve a unique Airstream site today.

Teepee Tents


Does KOA Offer Teepee Tents for Camping and Glamping Near Me?

Teepee camping is a great way to enjoy a more traditional form of camping. Teepees are in some ways like a classic camping tent. They were used as living structures by the Plains Native Americans through the 20th century. Teepees are reliable, sheltering structures that can easily provide the necessities for living.

Why Camp in a Teepee?

Teepees may help you get in touch with the spirit of early American settler life, but today's camping teepee can be outfitted with plenty of modern comfort amenities, like futons, a nearby fire pit and even electricity. You can enjoy a rustic experience with lots of space and some of the comforts of home.

Some select sites at KOA also offer teepee villages so you can bring along a large group of friends or the entire family! Or, if you'd rather come with a smaller group, a teepee village is a great way to make new friends and have a relaxing adventure. Our teepee villages offer a unique camping opportunity for those looking for a once in a lifetime glamping experience.

Before reserving your teepee rental, be sure there are teepees for rent in the KOA location you're interested in visiting and that the right size is available for your family. Take note of any potential restrictions or requirements to rent a teepee with KOA.

To get started on your teepee camping experience, contact KOA Campgrounds to rent a teepee now.

Where Do You Want To Go?



What Is a Yurt, and Why Do I Want to Go Camping in One?

If you think you've tried every kind of camping accommodation, you will want to try camping in a yurt. A yurt is another variation of a tent, originally from Central Asia, but you may think of it as more of a hut. They are typically made of latticed wood or bamboo with a doorframe and a crown.

Why Camp in a Yurt?

The yurt is another of the unique camping tents that can offer many of the features of tent camping, but with some more amenities, such as more space and a unique atmosphere. This actually makes Yurts ideal glamping tents. If you've never camped in a yurt, you owe it to yourself to try the experience, which can be a fun adventure for the whole family.

As with all KOA unique lodging, check the locations of campgrounds with yurts for rent, availability and restrictions before reserving yurts for rent. To get started with your yurt rental, contact your local KOA of choice today.

Wall Tents

Wall Tent

What Is a Wall Tent?

A wall tent is, quite simply, a tent with four walls. It may also be called a safari tent. Wall tent rental is another ideal way to enjoy camping with family and friends, as it allows everyone to experience traditional tent camping or glamping camping while also benefitting from more space and comfort than traditional tents. Wall tents, like yurts and teepees, can accommodate a variety of comfortable amenities that you might not expect in a regular tent, like comfortable furniture and electricity. To find out which KOA Campgrounds offer wall tents, contact us today.

What Is a Safari Tent?

The safari tent is a return to the classic African safari. European adventurers would travel to experience nature first-hand, but they didn't want to give up their creature comforts. Thus, they brought along tents that were more like small luxury homes, with plush furniture and all the amenities. As you might imagine, safari tent camping is perfect for those interested in glamping.

Does KOA Offer Safari Tent Glamping?

Of course, we do! We're happy to offer safari tents for a one-of-a-kind glamping experience.

Select KOA campgrounds also offer the opportunity to take your safari tent glamping trip to the next level, by staying in a Woodytent! Woodytents are high-end luxury safari tents that offer even more glamping options than the traditional safari tent. From storage, closets and patios to cupboards and kitchens, the woodytent is a great style of accommodation for those who want a unique way to connect with nature, while still maintaining a high level of luxury and comfort.

Before reserving, you'll need to find out if we offer safari tent camping or woodytent glamping in your area. To find which KOA Campgrounds offer safari tent camping and woodytent glamping options, contact us now.

Tree Houses

Tree House

Does KOA Offer Tree Houses for Camping?

We do! We consider tree house camping to be just as legitimate as any other type of camping. In fact, we even offer tree house glamping - if you like your tree house a little bit more luxurious than the one you had as a kid.

Why Camp in a Tree House?

Seriously? How can you resist? Even if you never had a tree house as a kid, if you love being outside and enjoying adventure, you have to be excited about the prospect of spending a weekend in a tree. The tree house is a lost art, and we're reviving it. If you like camping because of the opportunity to commune with nature, you'll love tree house camping. You can't get any closer to nature than sleeping in a tree!

Find a tree house camping accommodation near you. For tree house KOA Camping options and destinations, contact us today.

Conestoga Wagons

What Is a Conestoga Wagon?

Conestoga wagons are a symbol of America's pioneering spirit. Imagine yourself setting out for adventure and traveling with all your worldly goods when you spend the night in one of these large, covered wagons.

At select KOA locations, you can choose to stay in an authentic Conestoga wagon that looks like it is straight out of the pioneering days. However, it is equipped with modern amenities and sleeping arrangements. These wagons are the perfect blend of historical ambiance and contemporary comfort.

What Is Covered Wagon Camping?

Conestoga wagon camping, also sometimes more generally called "covered wagon camping," combines the thrill of sleeping under the stars with some of the luxuries of home. Unlike the pioneers who had to sleep under their wagons, you will be laid out in style. Conestoga wagon lodgings have a large dome canvas top and plenty of room inside for you and a few of your friends or family members.

Each wagon comes equipped with a large king-size bed and two sets of bunks. It also has lots of space to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee you can brew fresh from the coffee maker within. Climate control ensures you never have to worry about the nights getting too hot or too cold. Plus, nearby shower facilities mean you do not have to go days without washing like some weary settlers from bygone days.

The History of the Conestoga Wagon

If you have watched a movie or TV show about the Old West, then you have undoubtedly seen the famed covered wagon. These canvas-topped, animal-drawn wagons were the preferred mode of transportation as settlers made their way West during the 1800s. Although the large and bulky Conestogas are commonly associated with the Oregon Trail, they were actually too large to make the epic journey. Instead, it was the smaller prairie schooners that pioneers used to cross the prairie.

The first known Conestoga wagon was crafted in the early 1700s by German settlers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It featured a huge frame designed to carry up to three tons of goods. Although it was too large for the westward expansion, the Conestoga helped settlers migrate throughout the Appalachian Valley.

Once the transcontinental railroad made its way west in the 1860s, the Conestoga wagon fell out of use. Its image, however, continues to capture the imagination of all those infatuated with the Old West.

Why Camp in a Conestoga Wagon?

Because of its connection with adventuring pioneers, the Conestoga wagon remains an enduring symbol. Camping in a Conestoga wagon allows you to relive its glory days. Available at some KOA locations, you will find that these spacious glamping wagons come well-equipped with all the comforts you need for an extended vacation with the whole family.

Our authentic Conestoga wagons come with a plush king-sized bed, two sets of bunks and air conditioning to ensure you are cozy and comfortable no matter how long you stay. For Conestoga wagon KOA camping destinations, contact us today.

Camping Cabooses


What Are Camping Cabooses and Where Do They Come From?

Back when railroad travel ruled the country, cabooses were the last car of the train - a place where the crew could go to relax and get a little distance from their duties, as well as a vantage point to check for any damage to the train or its cargo. Today, most old railroad trains have been retired, as have their cabooses, but some enterprising souls have realized that these icons of Americana should not go to waste. At select KOA locations we have renovated historical cabooses for camping purposes.

Why Camp in a Caboose vs. Other Methods?

Caboose rental camping is a unique experience that isn't like any other type of camping. Our cabooses have been restored from some of the country's most historic railroad trains like Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe and Boston & Main. Camping in one of our cabooses will bring you back to those pioneering days when train travel was pretty much the only way to get from here to there.

What You Should Know Before You Rent a Caboose

There are only certain places where you can find cabooses for a camping experience, so get in touch with KOA to find out which campgrounds offer a caboose camping experience. You'll want to contact the KOA campground of your choice to find out if there are different sizes to choose from and if there are any restrictions or requirements on caboose rental. There's probably an old railroad attraction for you to check out, but you should make note of other attractions in the area you might want to see as well.

To find out where KOA can provide you with unforgettable caboose camping or glamping destinations, contact KOA Campgrounds now.

Other Unique Lodging

If you are interested in a type of unique campgrounds accommodation that you don't see here, let us know! Remember, our primary goal is to satisfy our campers, and we can only do that if you communicate with us. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a KOA campground soon!