How to Choose the Best Type of Sleeping Bag for Camping in Any Season

10/28/2020 | Plan

Whether you’re looking for a hot weather sleeping bag, one for extreme cold or just a good three-season option, our guide can help you find the right sleeping bag for your needs!


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RVs Aren’t Just for Camping: How to Live (and Work) on the Road

10/28/2020 | Plan

An RV doesn’t just have to be for a vacation. A new generation of people are singing the praises of foregoing traditional housing in favor of an RV, campervan, or trailer to call home.

7 maneras de celebrar la herencia hispana mientras vas de acampada

10/27/2020 | Plan

Aquí hay siete formas en que puede celebrar la Herencia Hispana en su próximo campamento familiar.

The New KOA App | New Features for Trip Planning, Accounts & More

10/27/2020 | Plan

The KOA App is now better than ever – Learn more about the updates & new features that bring the world of KOA to your fingertips!

Why Winter is the Best Time to Camp in the South

10/22/2020 | Plan

If you live in the southern United States (or plan on visiting), winter is the perfect time to hit the road, and go camping. Learn why we think winter is the perfect time to go camping in the southern states.

How to Teach Your Kids Good Camping Etiquette from an Early Age

10/20/2020 | Plan

From Leave No Trace principles to following campground quiet hours, there’s a lot to learn for young campers. Here are 10 principles to teach your kids good camping etiquette.