8 Cool Dive Bars Worth a Visit

8/19/2021 | Activities

If you’re a happy hour aficionado or just like a good draft, these cool dive bars are worth pulling up a bar stool and staying awhile.

LGBTQ+ Organizations & People Making a Difference in the Great Outdoors

8/19/2021 | Plan

By leading LGBTQ+ hikes, hosting inclusive events, or spreading positivity and guidance on social media or podcasts, these organizations and people are making a difference in the outdoors.


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The 8 Best Places to Hit the Water in the American Southwest

8/18/2021 | Activities

The American Southwest isn’t all desert and cactus. Explore some of the Southwest’s best lakes to cool down and have some water fun in the sun.

5 Solar-Powered Products that Thousands of Campers Swear By

8/18/2021 | Plan

Keep your campsite powered up with these fan-favorite solar-powered camping gear finds. From a portable shower to a generator that can keep you going for days a time, these solar camping gear items will keep you camping while having a low impact on the environment.

10 National and State Parks That You Probably Haven’t Visited Before

8/17/2021 | Activities

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to national and state parks? This list might make you think again! Visit 10 of our favorite underrated national and state parks and plan your next adventure.

Easy Ways to Make Your Camping Trips More Sustainable

8/16/2021 | Plan

Camping sustainably ensures that campers of today and the campers of tomorrow will have pristine natural spaces to enjoy the activity they love most. Follow these easy tips and tricks to make your camping adventures more sustainable and better for the great outdoors.