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The Best Gifts for the RVer That Has Everything | Camping Gifts

November 29, 2023

Families who spend lots of time traveling in their RVs tend to buy everything they need for their rig and road trips. So if you have a family member that’s an experienced RVer, it can be tough to think of gifts they’ll love.

This should help. Here are 10 gift ideas that RVers may not necessarily buy for themselves so here’s your chance. There are ideas for kitchen organization, mood lighting, and things to make their RV a little more cozy on cold winter nights. Scroll through and you’re bound to find the perfect present for your adventurous camper.

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1. Camping-Themed Decor

Sure, space on an RV is limited. But there’s always room for a little camping-themed decor to spruce things up. For the interior, think hand towels, coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and throw pillows. All with adorable images of vintage trailers, cozy campsites, or funny quotes. For the exterior, go for doormats or even a personalized sign, anything that makes their home on wheels feel a little homier.

2. Interactive Decorative Maps

RVing and camping are all about making memories. Interactive maps are fun ways to remember all the places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. There are several versions of these maps. Some use magnets shaped like states and you add a magnet to the map for every new state you visit. Some have slots for you to put a quarter from every state you’ve visited. Other versions of these maps are made of felt or cork. With these, you can add push pins into each space you’ve visited. Or even pin pictures from your favorite locations. No matter which option you pick, your happy camper will have something they can proudly show off as they visit new places.

Portable wireless speaker for listening to music on a log.

3. Wireless Speakers

Outdoor weatherproof speakers have a surprising number of uses at a campsite for the campers in your life. For example, you can set the speakers up at the picnic table and turn an ordinary dinner into a romantic evening with the right music. If they’re audiobook or podcast fans, they’ll be able to listen to their favorites while relaxing at the campfire. Sports fans can listen to the game anywhere at the campsite. As a bonus gift, consider a gift card to download new audio books or pay for a year’s worth of an audio streaming service. That will provide enough entertainment until next holiday season.

Variety of dry foods, grains, nuts, cereals in glass jars in kitchen cupboard.

4. Creative Spice Storage

Space is precious in an RV, especially in the kitchen. Help your RVing chefs make use of every surface with a few creative spice storage gifts. Magnetic spice holders would be a good place to start. These little containers have small magnets on the back and attach to a metal sheet. It’s a great way to make use of vertical surfaces. Or how about an under the cabinet spice drawer. These simple-to-install slider drawers keep spices out of the way but easily accessible. There are even door-mounted clips that will hold each spice container to the inside of a cabinet. That’ll free up shelf space and keep spices organized.

An organized kitchen is so much more fun to cook in. As a bonus, maybe they’ll even whip up a few treats for you.

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5. Outdoor Lighting

Whether it’s practical or whimsical, outdoor lighting can change the entire mood of an evening at the campsite. String lights are a fun way to illuminate your outdoor environment and they come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. There are even lights shaped like little camping trailers. Lanterns, either propane or battery-powered, are a great source of portable light for outdoor card games or cooking. Small outdoor stickup lights provide illumination at exactly the right place. They’re easy to put up and take down, so your happy camper can move them to wherever light is needed.

A hiker views the dramatic cliffs of the grand canyon during sunset.

6. America the Beautiful Pass

One of the greatest things about RV travel is visiting the national parks. The America the Beautiful Pass gives your camping loved ones access to more than 2,000 parks and recreation sites across the country. The pass is good for 12 months and covers park admission for everyone in the entire vehicle. It’s a gift that’s appreciated year after year.

An older couple enjoys an evening by the fire in front of their small towable RV.

7. Propane Firepit

Every camper loves sitting around the fire, but not every campsite has a fire ring. The solution? A portable, propane firepit. Camping propane firepits can be full-sized with plenty of heat and space to cook over and to warm up chilly nights. There are also small tabletop versions that add the perfect ambiance for relaxing at the campsite.

8. Two-night Stay at a KOA

With more than 500 locations all around the U.S. and Canada, KOA is the gateway to any adventure your campers want to have. With a gift of a two-night stay, they’ll be ready to knock off the next item from their bucket list. If they’re not sure where they want to go, make it a fun family evening using KOA’s Trip Planner and help them pick the next adventure.

9. Cell or Wifi Booster

Getting away from it all is important, but when your family members are on the road for weeks at a time, staying connected is important, too. A WiFi or cell booster will extend and expand any available signal. That could mean taking a campground WiFi signal and making it stronger or improving cellular coverage when they’re out and about. It will also help them make the most of those new outdoor speakers you got them.

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10. Cozy Blankets and Space Heaters

Winter is a great time to explore, but it’s also tough to stay toasty when the temperature drops. Give the gift of warmth with an electric blanket. There are plug-in versions for the RVs armchair and battery-powered options to take in the car or outdoors.

Space heaters chase the chill on even the most frigid of days. Plus, they’re small and easy to store when not needed. You can find heaters in several styles and power levels, so there’s one perfect for whatever camper or RV your loved ones tour in.

There you have it. Gifts galore. Get shopping and help make your family’s camping experiences better in the coming year.


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