Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Dishes that complement the main dishes and make good left-overs.

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  • Cashew Apple Salad

    Ingredients: powdered sugar, mayonnaise, medium apples, chopped, can (10 oz.) salted cashews
    Submitted By: Michelle Bonczyk - Holland, MI
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  • Cheese on the cob

    Ingredients: mayonnaise, ears of corn, husked and cleaned, fresh shredded Parmesan cheese, chili powder, salt, black pepper
    Submitted By: Buddy Capito - Roanoke,VA
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  • Cheesy Veggie Chowder

    Ingredients: chicken broth, stalks celery (sliced), carrots (sliced), medium potatoes (peeled and cubed), large onion (chopped), black pepper, whote kernel corn (frozen), butter, all-purpose flour, milk, cheddar cheese (shredded)
    Submitted By: Campfire Cafe Cookbook (TM)
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  • Cherry Fruit Salad

    Ingredients: can cherry pie mix, almond extract, can fruit cocktail, whipped cream, nuts (optional)
    Submitted By: Bonnie Anderson - Mt.Juliet, TN
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  • Chicken Almondine

    Ingredients: cooked chicken, chopped celery, Minute Rice, can Cream of Mushroom Soup, real mayonnaise, diced onion, butter, slivered almonds, crushed cornflakes or Special K cereal
    Submitted By: Connie Tufte, Watertown, SD
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  • Chicken and Stuffing

    Ingredients: chicken breasts or thighs, can Cream of Mushroom soup, sour cream, mushrooms, can or package chicken broth, butter, 8 ounce box Stove Top Stuffing with seasoning
    Submitted By: Bonnie Anderson, Mt.Juliet , TN
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  • Chicken Pockets

    Ingredients: tube ready made crossiants, finely chopped onion or green onion, cheese (reserve 1/2 cup for sauce), cooked chicken, cream of chicken soup, milk
    Submitted By: Cheryl Crandall - Seattle, WA
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  • Chicken Salad

    Ingredients: chicken breast or canned chicken, shredded, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, crushed pecan pieces, salt and pepper to taste
    Submitted By: Janice Bazen - Rock Hill, SC
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  • Chicken Salad for Two

    Ingredients: can chicken, drained, 8 oz. can crushed pineapple in juice, 7 oz. can mushrooms, drained, mayonnaise
    Submitted By: Hans Huebner - Hot Springs, VA
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  • Chicken Wing Dip

    Ingredients: or 4-6 breasts of cooked chicken, cream cheese (softened), ranch dressing, hot sauce, package of cheddar cheese (shredded), bags of tortilla scoop chips or large nacho chips
    Submitted By: Jan Fleckenstein - Buffalo, NY
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Page 3 of 5 (47 recipes)

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