Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Dishes that complement the main dishes and make good left-overs.

  • Famous High End RV Greek Salad

    Ingredients: iceberg lettuce, potato salad, fresh parsley, Miracle Whip, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, black olives, green Spanish olives, green Greek peppers, radishes, shrimp, feta cheese, anchovies, scallion onions, pickled beets, white vinegar, olive oil, oregano
    Submitted By: John Carver
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  • Fire Pit potatoes

    Ingredients: russet potatoes (1 per person), onions, butter, garlic salt, pepper, heavy duty foil
    Submitted By:
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  • Fish in Foil

    Ingredients: fresh caught fish, salt, pepper, butter, lemon
    Submitted By: KOA Camper
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  • Fresh Guacamole

    Ingredients: avocados, serrano chillies, anaheim chili, green onions, garlic cloves, lime
    Submitted By: Adalberto Ruiz
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  • Fresh Salsa

    Ingredients: tomatoes, peeled, banana pepper, bell pepper, clove garlic, onion, red pepper flakes
    Submitted By: Jackie Credille
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  • Frito and Chili Beans

    Ingredients: sharp cheddar cheese (shredded), Fritos, large cans of chili beans,
    Submitted By: Linda Bravo - Petaluma, CA
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  • Fruit Salad

    Ingredients: quart fresh sliced strawberries, can drained chunk pineapple, container strawberry jell (found in the fruit department), bananas, sliced
    Submitted By: Charles Took
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  • Fruit Salad with Cool Whip

    Ingredients: container of cool whip, small jar of cherries, can of pineapple tidbits, can of mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows
    Submitted By: Cynthia S Cowan - Suffolk, VA
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