Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Dishes that complement the main dishes and make good left-overs.

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  • Easy Barbecue Sauce

    Ingredients: medium onions, sliced, ketchup, water, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar (white or apple cider), chili powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste
    Submitted By: Patricia Mascenik - Lake Hiawatha, NJ
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  • Easy BBQ Beans

    Ingredients: can Ranch style beans, can diced tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped green bell pepper, barbecue sauce
    Submitted By: John Claxton - Chandler, AZ
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  • Easy Campfire Corn

    Ingredients: ear of corn, butter, salt
    Submitted By: KOA
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  • Easy Campfire Mushrooms

    Ingredients: whole mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, A - 1 Suace, butter (optional)
    Submitted By: Shawna Durgin - Woodland, CA
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  • Easy Chicken Marinade

    Ingredients: honey, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, Teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper, garlic powder, parsley
    Submitted By: Christina Talley - Walhalla, SC
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  • Easy Chicken Salad

    Ingredients: mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, can of chunk chicken, can of chopped green chilis, can corn with red and green peppers, drained.
    Submitted By: Ann Strong - Oklahoma City, OK
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  • Easy Creamy Potatoes

    Ingredients: package hash brown potatoes, cream, medium sized onion, salt and pepper, butter
    Submitted By: Judy Lentz - Danube, MN
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  • Easy Home Fries

    Ingredients: sliced canned potatoes, onion flakes, bread crumbs, Italian seasoning
    Submitted By: Ken McDonald - Port Colborne, ON
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  • Easy Peanut Satay Delight

    Ingredients: can coconut milk, peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce (Thai style), vegetables (or Tofu), rice, chicken (if desired)
    Submitted By: Stephanie Priest - East Northport, NY
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  • Easy Rice Recipe

    Ingredients: box "quick" white rice, cans chicken broth, fresh green beans or favorite green vegetable
    Submitted By: Cindy Bogdanovich - Lemoore, CA
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Page 1 of 2 (13 recipes)

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