Explore a New KOA in Temecula California

8/22/2019 | Plan

This new new southern California KOA is a must visit for campers looking to unwind and those looking for the best-of-the-best in recreation. Meet Temecula / Vail Lake KOA.

12 Tips for Going Green on Your Next Camping Trip

8/6/2019 | Plan

If there’s any time to “go green” it’s when you’re camping. Use our easy tips to ensure your next camping adventure in the great outdoors is as kind to Mother Nature as possible. Here’s how to go green when camping.

Hammock Camping Tips & Hacks for Beginners | Hammock Camping Pros & Cons

8/6/2019 | Plan

Your comprehensive guide to the benefits & drawbacks of hammock camping, tips for beginners, how to choose the right hammock for camping & more!

5 Reasons to Download the KOA App Today | KOA Camping App

8/6/2019 | Plan

Discover easy trip planning with the KOA camping app. Easily find the perfect campground, book your campsite, get driving directions, manage rewards & more!


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RV Beach Camping Tips | RV Campgrounds On the Beach

7/9/2019 | Plan

Planning a trip to the beach in your RV? Check out our guide to RV beach camping and a list of KOA Campgrounds that offer beach destinations!

Sun Safety Tips for Camping | Avoiding Sunburn on Camping Trips

7/8/2019 | Plan

Be sure to protect yourself and your family from the harmful rays of the sun on your summer camping trip. Check out our six sun safety tips here!