3 Camping Traditions Your Family Should Adopt

October 2, 2017

One of the great things about camping is that it makes for great traditions. Here are three traditions to keep your friends and family coming back each year.

For many people, camping is a family affair best enjoyed with loved ones of all ages. It only takes one fun-filled trip at your favorite campground for most camping traditions to start. Sometimes they come to fruition through planning an activity or event, while others spring out of those unexpected events mother nature always seems to throw our way.

Here are a few great camping traditions that you may want to introduce to your favorite camping group.

Start the family tradition of camping early

Annual Camping Trip

Hauling your family out of the house and into the wilderness for an annual camping trip is seriously worth it. The thing about having an annual camping trip is that even when family members are spread apart geographically, when lives change and move forward, they will still plan the time for the annual family camping trip into their schedules. They know that if they are the one who can’t make it a certain year, they won’t hear the end of it until the next year.

The annual family camping trip will undoubtedly evolve over the years, which is one of the best things about them. Families change in size and interests change as well, but as long as that one weekend or week is in every family member’s mind as being ‘the’ big family camping trip, everyone will have a wonderful time and create those lifelong memories that we all cherish.

Make family camping more fun with games

Sporting Tradition

There is just something about competing against family members that tends to lead towards a lot of laughs and hilarious moments. Introducing contests or sporting events into your camping trips is a great way to keep everyone involved and give everyone a higher stake in the trip.

It could be anything from who can build the best snowman (for winter camping trips obviously!) to actual games like volleyball or bean bag toss. Find some sort of cheesy trophy or prize for the winner to hold onto until the next time everyone gets together.

Campfire time is on of the best parts of family camping

Campfire Singalong

Sitting around a campfire is a classic for a reason! Beyond simply leading to a lot of laughs and good times, sharing stories beside a bonfire or roaring fireplace and singing some favorite songs brings people together. It can take establishing some trust to get people to sing in front of others, but when you are surrounded with loved ones, sitting around the campfire and enjoying a s’more, it gets a heck of a lot easier.

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