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What are held points and how do I use them to save money on my reservations with KOA Rewards?

Held points are KOA Rewards points that you have used on your reservation(s) while booking on, and can be applied to save money on your stay when you check in at the campground. You earn KOA Rewards points by being a KOA Rewards camper and staying at KOA campgrounds. Learn more about KOA Rewards.

If you have an active KOA Rewards account and have earned enough points to reach a Reward, you will be able to select and use the Reward for your stay during booking. Those points are then "held", meaning you can't use them on other stays. Your held points are applied and you get the savings when you check in at the KOA campground. While booking the reservation, you will have the option to adjust, reallocate, or remove the available points in case you change your mind. Forget to use points while making the reservation online? No problem, you can also apply Rewards points at the campground. You can also see what points are available, and what points are held in your account. If you don't have a account, register for one today!

Some things to remember:

  • Your KOA Rewards account needs to be active to hold and apply points on a reservation. Also, if your check-in date is after your KOA Rewards account expiration date and you have not renewed, then you will not be able to apply the points for savings - so make sure your KOA Rewards is up to date before your stay!
  • If your stay is canceled, then your held points are released back into your account.
  • If your KOA Rewards account expires, your held points are released from any upcoming reservation. After your KOA Rewards account expires there is a two-month grace period, after which you will permanently lose any earned points.
  • Held points cannot be used to save money on the deposit paid during booking. Deposits are required for all stays.
  • If you need to edit held points on an upcoming reservation before check-in, contact the camper experience team at 1-888-562-0000.
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