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What is KOA Care Camps?

KOA Care Camps help children who have cancer.

Having cancer shouldn’t mean giving up the joys of childhood. That’s why the KOA Campground Owners Association created the Care Camps Trust — to help children who have cancer enjoy care-free time focusing on fun, friends and activities.

The Care Camps Trust provides financial support to more than 50 special nonprofit camps located throughout the United States and Canada. These facilities are fully-equipped with the necessary medical supplies and volunteer professional staff to care for campers’ cancer-related needs.

Even though staff members volunteer their time and services, expenses for these programs are still quite substantial. Costs include medications, medical equipment, utilities, insurance and transportation, plus those for camping program basics such as meals and recreation equipment

Your gift to KOA Care Camps will help provide the opportunity for a greater number of special children to enjoy camping experiences and help them to remember what it’s like to “just be a kid.”

KOA Care Camps

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