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Upcoming KOA Account changes - what is different?

KOA is making improvements to our guest and data to improve the experience on and on KOA campgrounds. One of the major benefits of this data work is, effective late 2022, ALL KOA Account holders will be able to see their upcoming and past reservations in their account! We know this is a highly requested feature, and we are excited and happy to see it become a reality.

Some other improvements to accounts:

  • New, modern look and layout designed to make it easier to find and edit profile information.
  • Ability to favorite and leave reviews for past campgrounds from the “stays” page. NOTE - campgrounds stays older than 30 days are not eligible for reviews.
  • For KOA Rewards campers, a new rewards landing page with a summary of points, rewards, and progress.

In order to bring these new features to, and ensure our data is as accurate as possible, a few minor changes were made to KOA Accounts:

  • KOA Account holders will no longer be able to add or remove KOA Rewards accounts manually. We will have systems in place to associate your KOA Rewards account to your KOA Account automatically if the email address for the KOA Account and KOA Rewards account match. If you need to add, remove, or need additional support for your KOA Rewards account, please contact the Camper Experience Team at 888.562.0000.
  • There can only be one KOA Rewards account associated to a KOA Account.
  • The same KOA Rewards account cannot be associated with more than one KOA Account at this time.
  • KOA Account holders must maintain at least one primary address, phone, and email address. Users can add additional contact information, but the primary info can only be edited. If you are a KOA Rewards camper, your rewards contact info is also only editable, not removable.
  • In order to see your upcoming and past stays you need to have a KOA Account, so if you haven't already, register for a free KOA Account today!
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