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How do I log into my KOA Account to see my upcoming and past reservations?

There are several ways to access your account and KOA Rewards info. This can be accessed directly with the login link or you can navigate to it by going to and then clicking on login/register at the top right corner of the webpage. The KOA App is also available for free in the App Store or on Google play. Your KOA Rewards account will be associated with your KOA Account automatically, as long as the emails for both accounts match.

As of Oct 2022, only KOA Rewards campers can see their upcoming and past reservations online, and only within a registered account. Effective the end of November 2022, as a result of some improvements to our data structure ALL KOA Account holders will be able to see their upcoming and past stays. If you don’t have a KOA Account, register for free today.

Below are some reasons why a KOA camper might not be seeing their reservations online:

  • Before the end of November 2022: The user is not a KOA Rewards camper.
  • After November 2022: The user does not have or is not logged into their account (whether they are a KOA Rewards Camper or not).
  • The email address for the account does not match the email address for the KOA Rewards account.
  • The reservation is associated with a different guest. If, during the reservation process, a user enters different data (name, address, and/or email address) during checkout than what is saved in their guest record, that reservation will be associated with the guest data that is entered. For example: if you reserve a campsite for your friend or family member and enter their guest data during checkout, that reservation will be associated with the friend or family member and not you.

If you are logged into your account and do not see reservations you have made, please contact the Camper Experience team at 1-888-562-0000 for assistance.

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