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Problems with a KOA Account / linking my KOA Rewards account?

Have you registered for a KOA Account?
To login in to your KOA Rewards portal, first you will need to Register your email and link your KOA Rewards account to it. By clicking Register and filling out both sides of the form, you will be able to log into your KOA Rewards portal to check your upcoming reservations, camping history, check points earned for rewards and more.

Linking your KOA Rewards account to your KOA Account should happen automatically if the email addresses for both accounts match. If you have any issues with not seeing your KOA Rewards information in your KOA Account, contact the Camper Experience team at 888.562.0000.

Note: After November 2022, ALL KOA Account holders will be able to view their upcoming and past reservations in their KOA Account.

Already registered and having password problems?
If you can't remember your password it can be reset. An email will be sent with a new password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the Login page.

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