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5 Tips for RV Refrigerator Efficiency


How you pack your food in your fridge impacts how efficiently it operates.

It’s hot outside and heat can be an enemy for your RV refrigerator. Here are a few things you can do to help your RV refrigerator deal with the hot temperatures.

1. Turn the refrigerator on a few hours before putting food in it. It’s best to run it overnight and load it just prior to leaving on your trip. The colder the food is when you put it in the refrigerator the better.

2. Don’t pack the food too close, or put too much food in the refrigerator. Air must circulate around the food for it to operate at maximum efficiency.

3. The RV must be close to level for the refrigerator to operate properly. Over time a cooling unit operated out of level will be permanently damaged.

4. Outside temperatures affect the operation of your refrigerator. In hot temperatures try to park the RV in shaded areas, especially on the side the refrigerator is located on.

5. Always keep a small thermometer in your RV refrigerator so you can monitor the temperature. Food can begin to go bad at about 40 degrees.

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Mark Polk