How to Road Trip on a Budget

10/26/2021 | Plan

If you want to save money on a road trip, this is an affordable travel guide for you. Check out KOA Rewards for even more savings, perks and benefits!


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Best Weekend Getaways to Take in Ohio | KOA Blog

10/26/2021 | Activities

What should you do on a short vacation to Ohio? From family recreation to romantic escapes, check out KOA’s list of top weekend getaways in Ohio.


17 Best Travel Games for Taking on the Road

10/23/2021 | Activities

Board and card games are a great way to pass the time on road trips and camping vacations. This list of games features games for kids and adults that are sure to keep everyone having fun.


11 Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Thinking About Buying an RV

10/19/2021 | RV Advice

The RVing lifestyle is becoming a more popular way to travel. But it can also be daunting. If you’re interested in RVing, here are 11 things from our partner, Geico, that you’ll want to keep in mind.


Grilled Buffalo Wings

10/19/2021 | Cook

Fire up the grill and turn up the spice! These delicious grilled buffalo wings are great for game day or your next campground adventure.


7 Age-Appropriate Camping Chores for Kids

10/19/2021 | Plan

Camping is a great opportunity to teach your kids about nature, but it’s also a great time to show them camping responsibilities. Here are a few examples of age-appropriate camping chores for kids ranging from toddlers to teens for your next camping trip.