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RV Packing 101


Ready to head out for that big RV trip? Keep these packing tips from KOA partner GEICO in mind and you’ll be road-ready in no time!

Packing an RV, especially if you have a family, is all about compromise. Remember that while a camper gives you the ability to go almost anywhere, your space isn’t so unlimited in a camper—you can’t take everything. To help make that process easier, here are a a few pointers to get you started. With a little packing planning, you’ll be camping before you know it.

  1. Tools are essential, so start by packing them first. You should have pliers (both open and closed), wrenches, screwdrivers (two or three sizes) and a hammer. Leveling blocks and a couple of backup hoses are also crucial.
  2. Don’t forget other important items such as extra oil and coolant, a jerry can, batteries, and, if possible, a Citizens Band (CB) radio.
  3. Next comes clothing. Aim for clothes that are wash and wear or permanent press; you don’t want to spend beautiful afternoons ironing. Take five days’ worth of outfits, which should give you a decent amount of time between laundromat stops.
  4. Then comes towels and bedding. Try not to go overboard with these; one set of sheets and two towels per person will suffice.
  5. The kitchen can be tricky. This is an easy place to over pack. But if you have a couple of pots, a frying pan, a few dishes, utensils and, of course, a coffee pot, you should be OK.
  6. When it comes to food, pack enough for about five days. Lean toward canned goods and powdered milk, which won’t spoil. Above all, no glass containers—they could shatter on bumpy roads.
  7. Road trips can be long, so to bust boredom, don’t forget a camera, board games and a few electronic devices, such as an iPad or e-reader.

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RV Packing 101 from GEICO and KOA