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Can’t miss articles on the top activities, festivals and adventures for campers and RVers. Read our articles to find the best things to do and see as you travel through North America.

5 Best Areas of the U.S. for Wildlife Viewing

10/1/2019 | Activities

No matter what kind of wildlife-viewing vacation you’re after, there’s a destination for you. Here are five of the best places to visit if you want a chance to see wildlife in a natural setting, and which animals you can expect to see when you get there.

7 Reasons and Tips for Visiting Acadia in the Fall

9/25/2019 | Activities

With 3.5 million visitors annually, Acadia National Park is a popular destination. But try it in the fall and you might just avoid the crowds. Here are 7 reasons and tips for visiting Acadia in the fall.


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Arizona’s 9 Best Kept Secrets for Travelers

9/25/2019 | Activities

While you might be familiar with Arizona’s most popular sites (hello, Grand Canyon), we bet there are a few spots on our list you haven’t heard of. Check out 9 of Arizona’s best kept secrets for travelers.

7 Reasons and Tips for Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in the Fall

9/23/2019 | Activities

Great Smoky Mountains National is an exquisite place to visit in the cool months of fall. Learn why we think fall is the perfect time to visit the Smoky Mountains along with tips to make the most of it.

10 Free Attractions Within 5 Miles of the Highway

9/23/2019 | Activities

Fun things to see and do don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. From first rate museums filled with historic aircraft, classic art and even the world’s largest pinball collection to a park featuring a free zoo, here are 10 free attractions within 5 miles of the highway.

8 Cities You Might Not Think of to Visit in the Fall

9/19/2019 | Activities

Don’t let fall stop your summer adventuring! Plan a trip to one of these cities in the fall to make the most of beautiful weather, thinner crowds and lots of fun. These often forgotten fall destinations are waiting for you to visit.