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10 Southern Spots to Spend the Holidays

12/12/2019 | Activities

While there may not be much snow, these places more than make up for it with endless entertainment, merry events, over-the-top decorations and the fact that you can stand to be outside without getting frostbite. Here are 10 Southern spots to spend the holidays.


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6 Swampy Parks to Explore in the Southern US

12/9/2019 | Activities

From the bayous of Louisiana, the Florida seashores, and the hardwood bottomland forests of South Carolina, these some of the best swampy national parks and natural areas perfect for an off-season adventure.

9 Themed RVs You Have to See to Believe

12/6/2019 | RV Advice

From a Coca-Cola-inspired GMC GadAbout to an Alaskan camper that would look perfectly at home in outer space and even a motorcycle-motorhome hybrid, here are a few fun themed RVs and campers catching the eyes of passersby.

Tips & Proper Trail Etiquette for Hiking with Your Dog

12/5/2019 | Activities

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors & bond with your four-legged friend. Check out our guide on trail etiquette for hiking with your dog & some great tips!

Top 6 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

12/5/2019 | Plan

Whether you’re new to camping with your dog or you’ve been doing it semi-regularly, here are some pro tips for a hassle-free camping trip with your pooch.

KOA Campgrounds That are Open All Year

12/4/2019 | Featured Post

North, south, east and west. These KOA campgrounds are open year-round.