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Summer Events and Themed Weekends at KOA Campgrounds

5/1/2019 | Plan

Start planning your summer camping trips with out list of awesome events happening at KOA campgrounds across North America this summer. These are the best summer camping events and weekends.

10 Unique Museums Worth Traveling For

4/30/2019 | Activities

If you’re a history buff, or just like learning new things, you’ll want to take a peak at our list of fun museums you might just want to visit on your next road trip.

9 American Hiking Trails Sure to Wow

4/30/2019 | Activities

Read about nine of the best hiking trails and plan your next hiking adventure.


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11 National Parks East of the Mississippi You Need To See

4/26/2019 | KOA

While the west gets a lot of attention for it’s national parks, the east isn’t to be ignored. Plan your next trip around one of more of these national parks and you won’t regret it! Here are 11 national parks east of the Mississippi you need to visit.

How to Avoid Common RV Problems

4/25/2019 | RV Advice

As with any vehicle, RVs require scheduled maintenance to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and repairs. However, even with careful planning issues can still arise. Here we share some of the most common RV issues and how you steer clear of them.

Know Everything Guide to RVing in Canada

4/25/2019 | Plan

With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year, now is a great time to visit. Use this guide to make a trip to Canada a breeze.