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  • MEAP

    Ingredients: Ground Beef, Turkey or Italian Sausage, Potatoes (2 small cans of new potatoes), Eggs
    Submitted By: Marcella Brazelton - Irvine, CA
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  • Meat and Potatoes

    Ingredients: ground beef, shredded cheese, potatoes, white or yellow onion, can tomato sauce, spices
    Submitted By: Stephanie Ochoa, TX
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  • Meat and Potatoes in Foil

    Ingredients: potatoes, chicken, porkchops or fresh sausage, bacon, salt, pepper, garlic powder
    Submitted By: Sibylle Freiwald
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  • Meat Cakes and Potatoes

    Ingredients: ground beef, egg, slices of bread, broken into small pieces, chopped onion, optional, flour, optional, medium potatoes sliced, peeling optional, water, salt and pepper
    Submitted By: Carol Brooks Blanchard - Essex, MD
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  • Meat Loaf in an Onion

    Meat Loaf in an Onion

    Ingredients: lean ground beef, egg, cracker crumbs, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, dry mustard, large onions, peeled and halved, 18-inch heavy-duty aluminum foil
    Submitted By: Dian Thomas, MS - Author of Recipes for Roughing it Easy
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  • Melt In Your Mouth Ribs

    Ingredients: Several pounds of boneless pork ribs, bottles of BBQ sauce, cans of beer, bag of brown sugar, honey
    Submitted By: Tanya Roy
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  • Meme's Special Mushroom Sloppy Joe's

    Ingredients: ground beef, can Cream of Mushroom soup, hamburger buns
    Submitted By: Kathy Rivera - Morrisville, NC
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  • Mexican Chicken

    Ingredients: chicken breast tenders, (or breast cut into strips), cilantro, black pepper to taste, box brown rice, large can corn (no salt added) or 12 oz. bag frozen corn, oz. jar salsa, box Swanson low sodium chicken broth, oz. package shredded sharp cheddar cheese or Mexican cheese blend, Tortilla chips
    Submitted By: Colleen Solomon - Lancaster County, PA
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  • Mexican Chili

    Ingredients: packages taco mix, lean ground beef or chuck, 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes with juice, 14.5 oz. can dark kidney beans with juice, can corn with juice, beer
    Submitted By: Stewart Olson - St. Petersburg, FL
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  • Mexican Fish

    Ingredients: fish filets (whatever you prefer), salsa, mexican cheese, nacho type chips
    Submitted By: Wanda Kearney - Charlotte, NC
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Page 2 of 4 (31 recipes)

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