Tips for Camping Over the Holidays | Holiday Weekend Camping

May 18, 2018

Thinking about camping over memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day? Check out our tips for camping over summer holidays! Make the most of your holiday weekend camping trip, from reserving your campsite to making memories with family and friends.

Are you going camping over the summer holidays? There’s no better way to celebrate every occasion from Memorial Day to Labor Day and beyond than packing up your supplies and heading to the great outdoors. Don’t throw the sleeping bags in the car until you check out these tips for camping over the holidays that will make your trip even better.

1. Reserve Your Campsite Early

Holidays are among the busiest times of year for campgrounds, so you will need to make a reservation. Call as far in advance as possible, especially if you want to get a group of sites next to each other.

2. Leave Early or Stay Somewhere Close By

When you choose the Fourth of July, Labor Day or Memorial Day to go camping, you’ll also be fighting holiday traffic. The earlier you leave or the shorter your commute to your campsite, the less time you’ll sit in a holiday traffic jam.

3. Consider Leaving Pets Home

Going somewhere with your furry friends is fun. If you have a pet who gets spooked by fireworks, though, you may consider keeping them at home on summer holidays that often feature fireworks. People may have fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers that terrify your pet, and at a campsite, you can’t send them down to the basement or a spare room to escape the noise.

4. Buy Supplies Well Ahead of Time

The summer holidays are a popular time to stay at campgrounds. As you would expect, everyone shops for their supplies for the trip ahead of time. That means if you wait until July 2nd to get your new flashlights or tent for the Fourth of July, the store may be sold out. You should buy the gear you know you will need as far in advance as possible. Go through your camping equipment to see if you need to replace things such as:

  • Cookware
  • Lanterns and flashlights
  • Grills
  • Coolers
  • Sleeping bags and other bedding

5. Plan a Food Schedule

Traveling with multiple families? Try giving everyone a different meal to prepare. Since it’s a holiday, you may want to have unique dishes, such as red, white and blue cake. When you hand out the assignments in advance, this gives everyone more time to prepare — which means it will be extra-special, as a holiday meal should be.

6. Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

When going on a Fourth of July camping trip, you can feel confident the weather will be warm. If you head on a Labor Day or Memorial Day camping outing, however, the weather may be cooler depending on the year and where you are camping. It can still be chilly in late May in much of the country, while it may be humid and warm in September. Keep an eye on the forecast and bring layers — you can always take them off.

7. Keep it Festive

Sure, you probably have a load of dull paper plates, cups and napkins, but it’s a holiday — make it festive! Surprise your group by buying holiday-themed paper products before your trip, and everyone will feel appreciative of your extra effort. Looking for ways to go green while you camp? Purchase reusable holiday place settings that you can use year after year!

Camping during the summer holidays offers a fantastic chance to get away for a mini-vacation. You may like it so much, you make it an annual tradition! Remember to make your reservations well in advance at your favorite KOA location, where our clean campsites and great amenities will make the holiday extra-special.

Camping over a weekend? You  need these tips!

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