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Pros and Cons of Renting Out Your RV

April 6, 2023

After years of saving, you finally buy the RV of your dreams. While you may use it all the time at first, your camping trips might eventually become less frequent, and your RV may spend more time in your driveway than at the campground. Luckily, you can still get the most out of your RV through rental services.

Renting out your RV allows you to get money for your RV while letting others enjoy the wonders of camping. To make this service even better, you will still have access to your RV, so if renting it out ignites the camping spark, you can start going again at any time.

Pros to Renting Out Your RV

While renting out your RV may be intimidating, especially if it is your first time doing so, it has many positives. Some of the top benefits of renting out your RV include:

1. Money, money, money!

According to the latest demographic report from the RV Industry Association, most RV owners only use their rigs 20 days per year. That means most RVs are collecting dust, and depreciating in value, for almost 95% of the year! It sounds depressing, but instead of looking at it as a loss, think of it as an opportunity to make money. According to RVShare, rates range from $100 per night for an older Class C motorhome to $450 per night for a newer Class A motorhome. If you rent out your RV during holidays, or the height of summer, you can expect to make even more money.

While you will definitely incur expenses while renting out your RV (think maintenance, listing fees, supplies), you should still net a solid profit. In fact, some RV rental sites report users making as much as $50,000 per year! (Note: you will have to report this as rental income on your taxes, so definitely keep that in mind.)

2. You get to share your love of RVing

Very few things in life are as pure as the joy that comes with sharing the things you are passionate about with others. If one of those activities is RVing, you will probably enjoy knowing that others are making memories in your beloved home on wheels. And if you are the kind of person who likes meeting new people, renting out your RV is a great way to get to know interesting people from all over, including abroad. Many international tourists come to the U.S. looking to do road trips and visit our amazing national parks.

3. It frees up storage

If you are tired of paying for storage for your RV, renting it out is a great way to save money, and make money, at the same time. Even if you do not pay for storage, it can be nice to know your RV is not just sitting idle somewhere. Perkins says she simply loves getting theirs out of their driveway. It’s one less thing to hit!

An older couple enjoys an evening by the fire in front of their small towable RV.

Cons to Renting Out Your RV

As with any rental, there are some negative consequences to be aware of before listing your rental online. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Renters could damage your RV

While RV rental platform RVezy reports that less than 1% of bookings made on its site result in claims, every time you rent out your RV it’s vulnerable. In a perfect world, renters would treat your RV as well as you do, but that is not always the case. Still, it is rare that an RV is completely totaled by a renter. According to RVezy, most claims are for minor damage done to awnings, side panels, windshields and interior floors. If you have a comprehensive insurance plan or you are using a website that includes coverage, you may not even have to pay for these repairs.

2. It is an investment of your time

You are not physically using your RV, but renting it out often means making a commitment to being reachable for the duration of the rental period. Even if your rental comes with 24/7 roadside assistance, you will probably still be the first person renters call when something goes wrong OR they forgot something as simple as how to turn on the pilot light. Then you also have the time it takes to clean, stage and inspect your RV. Sure, you can hire someone to do this for you, but it will eat into your profits and managing them will also take up some of your time.


Obviously, if someone is enjoying your RV at the lake on Labor Day Weekend, it means you are not enjoying your RV at the lake on Labor Day Weekend. If you rent out your RV, it is also definitely harder to take impromptu trips. The good news, however, is that you are in charge of your RV’s calendar.

What is Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is the biggest (and most trusted) RV rental marketplace in the world, and Kampgrounds of America has partnered with them to bring you extra cash for your RV when you are not using it.

And when we say “extra cash,” we mean that some RV owners earn up to $30,000 a year renting their RV via Outdoorsy.

How Does It Work?

Outdoorsy is for renters and lessees. If you are looking to rent out your RV, you can list your RV on the site within minutes to hundreds of eligible renters. All rentals are under insurance coverage for a risk-free way to make money from your RV. To use Outdoorsy, you will:

  1. List your RV.
  2. Create a profile renters can find on the website and search engines.
  3. Start connecting with renters.

Listing Your RV with Outdoorsy is Completely Risk-Free

It feels a little scary sharing your (big and expensive) baby with a stranger. But Outdoorsy has taken the fear out of renting with its risk-free guarantees.

Here is what Outdoorsy offers:

  • $1 million insurance that covers both the renter and the owner
  • Thorough DMV check on all drivers
  • 24/7 rental roadside assistance should anything happen while your RV is being rented
  • Dedicated customer support team to walk you through all your questions
  • 93% average 5+star reviews to assure you that there are thousands of people out there using and loving Outdoorsy
  • Total control of your rates
  • Total control of your rental schedule
  • Ability to vet renters beforehand via their profile and reviews
  • Option to decline any rental requests you do not feel good about
  • Secure and quick payment

How to List Your RV with Outdoorsy

When you hop over to Outdoorsy’s simple and straightforward listing page, you will plug in just a bit of information about your RV, and immediately get an estimation of your earnings from just one rental (which starts at around $1,000 and goes up from there!).

Then you will head over to create a profile where others can learn about you and your RV before making their decision to rent.

Having a solid profile is very important to the success of renting your RV. Here are some keys to making a top-notch Outdoorsy rental profile:

  • Get personal. Outdoorsy suggests putting up as much information as possible so that renters feel like they know and trust you.
  • Good photos. Quality photos of your RV are the number one way to get a renter to pick your RV over someone else’s. Do not just go with the standard indoor/outdoor photos — try to create a story of your RV via your pictures. Help the potential renter envision themself having the time of their life while in your RV.
  • Be quick. Do not wait long to respond to people looking to rent your RV. Be diligent and on top about getting back to them.
  • Get reviews. After someone has rented your RV, ask them to write a review for you. Reviews are one of the top things renters look at (along with ratings) before choosing to rent with you.
  • Get social. Share your listing on social media, and you never know who may be interested in renting!

Getting Paid

Getting money for renting your RV is simple with Outdoorsy. Once you have approved the renter’s reservation, they will be charged the entire amount up front.

The funds are held by Outdoorsy until 24 hours after the RV is picked up, then they immediately deposit them into the bank account you listed when setting up your profile.

Small motorhome takes a road by a mountain lake.

Tips for renting out your RV with Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is easy to use, so renting out your RV is very straightforward. Before you start the rental process, however, you will want to ensure you use the following tips and tricks.

Rent Locally or Near Your Destination

Rental camper options on Outdoorsy can be found as close by as your neighbor’s roomy 2017 Winnebago Travato. Or skip on some gas fill-ups and mileage fees by picking up a trailer or RV closer to your destination. Communicate with individual owners on Outdoorsy to see if special requests can be accommodated like having a rig dropped off and ready for you at a KOA campground.

Make a Statement with your Rental Choice

Vintage to ultra-modern, mini-trailers to mansions-on-wheels, the selection of camping vehicles on Outdoorsy is limitless. While mainstream RV rental companies offer select manufacturers with cookie-cutter interiors, Outdoorsy’s selection is refreshing. The collection of owners brought together by the site creates a huge variety of make and model and interior design options. Find a 2017 homebuilt aluminum teardrop camper in Boulder, CO that can be hitched to a Station Wagon. Go for a hippy vibe in a 1992 Chevrolet Open Road in San Francisco, CA with shag carpet window frames, black and white photo collage and flowing lava lamp.

Haul in Money When You’re Not Camping

Do not let your beloved RV sit neglected in the side-yard when you are not on the road, rent it out on Outdoorsy. Share the wonders of the outdoors with someone else. While you are mapping out your next camping adventure, your rig could be on the road generating trip money. Find out how much you can make renting out your RV through Outdoorsy’s quick estimation tool. Owner testimonials posted to the site reveal that renting out RVs can bring in a decent second income.

Trust Outdoorsy Renters with Your RV

Renting through Outdoorsy eliminates the worry of renting to someone you do not know. Renters have to pass a driving history background check before they are approved to rent. Outdoorsy provides a one million dollar liability insurance policy that protects both renters and owners. If damage is done to your RV the renter’s security deposit is available to cover the cost of repair.

Share Your RV Knowledge with Renters

Send your renter off on their journey well prepared to handle your RV on the road. Give your renter the grand tour of the RV with instruction on how to care for it. Share stories about what makes your RV special and tips on how to fully enjoy the ride. Begin new friendships with renters built around your equal passions for exploring the highways and byways. There is a good chance that your renter will fall in love with RV camping and will want to rent your RV again!

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