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March 14, 2018

There are many areas inside and outside of your RV that will eventually need a good cleaning. Check out some of our top RV cleaning tips, from how to remove black streaks from the outside of your camper to the best cleaner to use in your RV toilet!

Owning an RV can be pure bliss. But it can also leave you wondering how to clean RV walls as well as the inside and outside of the camper. The good news is that you can use specialized RV cleaning products and even homemade RV cleaners to get the job done.

Here are some RV cleaning tips to help you get started.

1. Start with a Hose Down

An RV is a large vehicle, and it can feel overwhelming when you look at it and consider cleaning. Start with a good spray down. This beginning will help remove dirt, dust and grime, and it will help you reduce the ultimate workload. Best of all, it will make the job of cleaning your RV feel a little less overwhelming and hosing the exterior down initially will help loosen any grime that may need a more dedicated cleaning later.

2. Always Work Top Down

When you’re cleaning your RV’s exterior, always work from top to bottom. If you start scrubbing at the bottom before getting out your ladder, you’ll find that you have to scrub the bottom again — dirt and grime will have streaked down while you were cleaning the top.

3. Cut the Work Into Chunks

Here’s another tip for making the job feel less overwhelming: break the cleaning into sections. Look at your RV and visually cut the exterior into quarters, then work on each quarter until you have it sparkling. The same goes for the interior. Move room by room and area by area to ensure that each part of your interior is getting the cleaning it deserves.

4. Lose the Awning Legs

Many owners struggle with cleaning their RV awnings. Here’s a tip: Don’t use the legs. When you remove the awning legs, the awning itself falls flat against the side of your RV, which gives you a nice hard backdrop against which you can scrub the awning without worrying about stressing the material or worse putting a hole in it. This strategy makes things much easier, and it makes the whole process go faster.

5. Remove Black Streaks

Black streaks on an exterior are the bane of any RV owner’s existence. To remove them, find a cleaning product that’s designed for RV exteriors. Then, simply spray the cleaner on the black streaks and use a soft bristled brush if necessary to work on the stain. If the streak is in a hard to reach place many brushes have a threaded hole that a broom or mop handle will fit in order to give you a better reach.

6. Look for Maintenance and Repair Opportunities

As you clean, look for things that might need to be repaired. For example, as you clean your tires, check to see if the tread is still good or if there’s a nail plugged into one of them. Cleaning is one of the best ways to examine your vehicle and make sure it’s still in road-ready condition.

7. Use the Right Cleaners

Make sure you have the right materials for your RV cleaning project. You’ll want disinfecting wipes, an all-natural toilet bowl cleaner, a multi-surface everyday cleaner and similar products.

You may also want to explore some home remedies and opportunities for making your own cleaner. For example, you can use a lemon half to remove water stains on bathroom hardware, bleach and vinegar to cleanse your washing machine, ammonia to clean stovetop burners and more. These all-natural cleaning solutions, which are typically lying around your house, make for effective and affordable solutions.

Be careful when cleaning your toilet to only use toilet cleaners made for RVs or you risk damaging your RVs plumbing. Many harsh chemicals can cause serious damage that could lead to expensive repairs.

8. Use the Right Tools

An RV is a unique space to spend time in and to clean. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is making good use of every square inch of the interior. To do that, make sure you have the right tools for cleaning.

You will want to use a compact vacuum cleaner that can get the job done while storing away in a small area. You’ll also want to find mops with small footprints, step stools that fold and hide easily and similar products. You can’t fill your RV with standard-sized tools for cleaning, or you’ll run out of room for the things that you need for everyday living. Find tools that can help you get the job done without taking up too much space.

Beyond the RV Itself

Sometimes the task of cleaning an RV leads you beyond the RV itself. For example, RVs can often leave oil stains in your driveway or on someone else’s. Try using a Pour-N-Seal to get the pesky stains out. Apply the product, let it sit until it becomes a powder, and then scrub it away. The stains should go with it.
Take advantage of RV exterior cleaning products — camper cleaner black streak remover included — and use these tips to keep your RV in tip-top condition. Life on the road can be hard on your recreational vehicle. Make sure you’re taking care of it so it lasts for years to come.

Use these tips to clean your RV

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