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Campers Share Their Best Secondhand Buys And Tips

10/24/2019 | Plan

Behind every good camper is great camping gear. But that gear can be expensive to buy new. Expert campers share some of their best used gear find with us and offer tips so you can find awesome deals too!

Meet These Endearing Pets Who Have Camped More Than Most People

10/23/2019 | Plan

From a Golden Retriever with more than 80,000 Instagram followers to a cat who paddleboards and has his own cat tent, here are a handful of well-loved and well-traveled pets who have spent more time camping than most people.

10 Things Kids Can’t Imagine Camping Without | Kids Camping Tips

10/22/2019 | Plan

From fun to practical, kids know what they want when it comes to packing for a camping trip. We spoke with a few kids who love camping and wanted to weigh in on what they think is essential for a camping packing list. Here are a few of their must-pack items.


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How to Transform your Tent into a KOA Glamping Experience

10/7/2019 | Plan

You don’t need a fancy wall tent, a brand new RV, or even a luxurious cabin. Adding glamping touches to your own tent is affordable and easy—it just takes a little thought.

The Environment Wins When Diversity Is Added To The Outdoor Experience

10/7/2019 | Plan

Teresa Baker, founder of the African American National Parks Event and creator of the Outdoor Industry CEO Diversity Pledge discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the great outdoors. Help us make the outdoors a welcome environment for everyone.

An Award-Winning Campground in Florida becomes a KOA

10/3/2019 | Plan

One of the newest KOA campgrounds, Jennings KOA Holiday provides a convenient and comfortable camping oasis to explore both Florida and Georgia. Learn more about this new addition to KOA.