Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking

These recipes can be made on the campfire with limited supplies!

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  • Best Buttermilk Waffles

    Ingredients: flour, brown sugar (packed), baking soda, baking powder, salt, eggs, buttermilk, butter (melted), vanilla
    Submitted By: Ortencia DeLeon, Arlington, TX
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  • Big Jim's Camping Beans

    Ingredients: bulk breakfast sausage (crumbled and cooked), ground beef (crumbled and cooked), large onion, bell pepper, jalepeno peppers, can butter beans, can kidney beans, can green beans, K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce, dark brown sugar
    Submitted By: Jim Edwards
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  • Biscuits on a Stick

    Ingredients: Ready to bake biscuits
    Submitted By: Mike C. Smith
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  • Blair's Campfire Stew

    Ingredients: sirloin, red potatoes, red onion, vegetables, salt, ground black pepper, butter
    Submitted By: Lauren & David Blair - Hendersonville, TN
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  • Blondies

    Ingredients: self-rising flour, sticks unsalted butter, packed brown sugar, large eggs, vanilla extract, semisweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, pecans (toasted)
    Submitted By: Campfire Cafe Cookbook (TM)
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  • Blue Cheese Burger Steaks

    Ingredients: ground beef, salt, blue cheese, softened, Minute Maid frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed
    Submitted By: KOA
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  • Bratwurts & Swiss

    Ingredients: Italian sausage or Johnson's Bratwursts and cheese, your favorite cheese slices
    Submitted By: Patricia Garland - Chantilly, VA
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  • Breakfast Bag

    Ingredients: bacon, Frozen hashbrowns, thawed, eggs, brown paper bag
    Submitted By: Sharon Stewart - Elizabeth City, NC
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  • Breakfast Burrito

    Ingredients: eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheddar cheese, salsa, flour tortilla shells, sour cream, tomatoes, olives, green onions, avocado
    Submitted By: Betty Ferris, Hillsboro OR
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  • Breakfast Burritos with Sausage

    Ingredients: Jimmy Dean or your favorite breakfast sausage, eggs, package shredded cheddar cheese, large flour tortillas
    Submitted By: Curtis Perrin - Elgin Il
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Page 3 of 4 (33 recipes)

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