Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking

These recipes can be made on the campfire with limited supplies!

  • Lake Conway Chicken

    Ingredients: instant brown rice, slivered almonds, dried mushrooms or 1 6 ounce can mushrooms (drain), onion flakes, dried green or red pepper flakes, salt, water, 10 ounce cans of chicken (do not drain), packages instant cream of chicken soup mix
    Submitted By: Randy Heasley
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  • Lazy Bobs

    Ingredients: your favorite meats, vegetables, fruit, pita bread or soft tortillas
    Submitted By: George E. Marriott, Jr. - Englewood, FL
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  • Lemon Apple Crisp

    Ingredients: tart apples, lemon juice, sugar, raisins, walnuts (chopped), cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, whole oats, flour, butter, walnuts (chopped), grated lemon rind
    Submitted By: Campfire Cafe Cookbook (TM)
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  • Lime Grilled Salmon

    Ingredients: salmon steaks, juice from 2 limes, olive oil, salt, black pepper, hot pepper sauce, green onions, chopped, honey
    Submitted By: KOA
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