8 Tips for Your Next RV Itinerary

June 4, 2018

Use these tips to make your next RV trip a breeze!

There are few experiences as enjoyable as an RV trip to your favorite campground, as long as that trip is well-planned. If you don’t have a plan, you can end up in some pretty tough situations, and you are not going to have the RV trip that you expected to have. The better prepared you are, the better the trip is going to be, and the more you are going to look forward to the next one. Let’s take a look at eight ways you can create the ideal itinerary for your next RV trip.

Map Out Your Route

It is a good idea to figure out the exact route you plan to take to get to your destination. For instance, you may want to find a scenic route. Or, you may want to avoid highway tolls, and map out a route on different roads. Plan out any stops you are going to make along the way. Don’t forget to plan for the weather, depending on the time of year you are planning to travel.

Create a Timeline

Once you have your route planned, the next step is to create a timeline. Obviously, you want to be flexible, but it is a good idea to have a plan of where you plan to stop, how long you plan to stay at each stop, etc. Remember to take into account time for bathroom stops, stretching, sightseeing, etc.

Create Your Budget

You can save a lot of money by traveling in your RV, if you stick to a budget you can live with. Make sure that the budget includes gas, campground or RV park rates, food, sightseeing costs, spending money, and an emergency fund in case you happen to have a flat tire or a breakdown while on the road.

Create Checklists

Make a checklist for each aspect of your trip. For instance, you should have checklists for the food you will need to take along, supplies you will need, clothing and hygiene items to bring, etc. This will ensure that you have everything you need for your trip, and that you don’t forget anything.

Get a GPS System

Even if you have your entire tripped mapped out to the last mile, there is still a chance you could end up on the wrong route. It is always a good idea to have a GPS along or use the GPS on your iPhone. Similarly, downloading the KOA Camping app to your phone will ensure you’re ready to find the nearest campground no matter what happens on the road.

Earn Money while Traveling

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to be tied to a desk for your work, and you might be able to work from the road. Many employers are letting their staff work remotely, so you can travel and earn money at the same time. Talk to your employer about working remotely, and then hit the road for adventure.

If working remotely isn’t your style, you might consider work camping. The KOA Work Kamper program allows people who love camping to serve as seasonal employees as KOA locations across the US and Canada. By becoming a KOA Work Kamper you’ll be able to make a short-term working commitment and earn pay while enjoying the RV lifestyle you love.

Check Road and Weather Conditions

Before heading out on the road, make sure that you check road and weather conditions. If there is going to be bad weather or other delays such as construction along your planned route, you will have a chance to change the route and avoid these and other troubles.

Secure Everything

You could be traveling on bumpy roads, and if your belongings aren’t secured, they could all go flying around inside the RV. Take some time to install spring-loaded curtain rods, child-proof cupboard locks, etc. Anything that isn’t packed into a cupboard should be secured with ropes or bungee cords.

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Use these tips to make your next RV trip a breeze!

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