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The Newest Camping Innovation: The Electric RV

September 17, 2022

While a lot has changed about RVs over the years, one thing has remained fairly consistent — they use a lot of gas. Now, with electric-powered RVs, you can minimize that expense each time you hit the road.

Whether you will be camping locally with friends and family or heading off the grid for a solo excursion, experience all the benefits of RVing but now in a fully electric format.

What Are Electric RVs?

Electric campers let you take advantage of the same comforts and conveniences you have at home while you are out traveling. The main difference, though, between electric RVs and traditional RVs is the type of motor used.

To run without gas, electric RVs use a battery-powered motor. The high-voltage battery is what allows the camper to take you from one outdoor adventure to the next. This is different than the internal combustion engine which relies on fuel to operate and run.

Similar to a fuel tank, though, there is a limit to how far you can travel with a fully charged battery. You will need to stop, just as you would with a traditional RV, to recharge the battery before you can continue with your journey. However, there are some great app resources to find charging stations near you.

Types of Electric Recreational Vehicles

While fully electric RVs are still relatively new, there are currently several different types and concepts being developed. Here are two of the most popular.

Winnebago e-RV

Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group developed the e-RV, which is an all-electric motorhome. It is based on the Ford Transit platform and features an electric drivetrain from Lightning eMotors.

With this combination of an advanced drive train and battery package, the e-RV is equipped to power everything from the controls to the living area.

It also offers flexible battery charging source capabilities. As long as you are at a high-current charging station, you will be able to completely charge your e-RV in about 45 minutes. When it is charged, you can expect it to provide 125 miles of range.

To complement the all-electric design, this e-RV is also designed with sustainable materials throughout the interior, ranging from woolen wall appliques to recycled cork-rubber flooring.

Airstream eStream

The Airstream eStream is another innovative all-electric motorhome. It is built on a state-of-the-art chassis and features an electric drivetrain. This advanced power system controls the motor, batteries and control system.

The new eStream allows outdoor enthusiasts to experience the same classic silver-bullet shape — now with a more eco-friendly and sustainable design.

Along with offering an exclusive high-voltage electric chassis, the eStream also conveniently connects to either a smartphone or mobile device, allowing the driver to control and take advantage of 360-degree maneuverability.

Why Choose an Electric-Powered RV?

Just like with a traditional RV that runs on fuel, electric-powered RVs provide you and your loved ones with a comfortable setting to explore and just spend the night in. Because it is designed with a battery-powered motor, you will get to take advantage of several unique benefits:

  • Eco-friendly: With an electric RV, there is no internal combustion engine, which cuts down on the amount of pollution.
  • Less maintenance: Electric motors have fewer moving parts. This means you will spend less time and money maintaining your vehicle every year.
  • Extra storage space: Because there are fewer mechanical parts, you will have additional storage space in your vehicle.

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