Best Apps for EV Owners | EV Charging Apps

September 28, 2022

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, knowing where the nearest charging station is located is always top of mind whether you are commuting to work or taking a road trip. Luckily, many electric car apps are available for download, making it easy to find the closest charging station. Here are some of the best apps for electric charging stations.


ChargeHub offers an easy-to-use interface and makes it easy to locate all EV charging networks in your location. When you open the app, you will view all available chargers with maps, trips, community and profile tabs at the bottom for easy navigation. The app also offers many filters you can apply, such as connector type, minimum kilowatts, network and price, to make your searches easier.

If you are new to electric vehicle ownership, you can also take advantage of the charging guide for EV owners. With this guide, you can explore topics such as chargers, connectors and the benefits of various networks. As one of the best apps for electric charging stations, users can also view global app activity, check-ins and reviews for charging stations with the community section.


The ChargePoint app is one of the best EV apps, with over 100,000 in-network EV charging stations across workplaces, retailers and parking garages. The app shows ChargePoint stations in addition to networks and other stations with a map that allows users to filter by price, network and type of charger. The EV car app also enables users to locate open stations, view costs and check their charging status.

Accurate updates are another benefit of ChargePoint, as it will show busy charging times and features such as a waitlist that lets drivers get in line when all chargers are full.


Chargeway is an excellent app for users to locate charging stations as they travel. If you are commuting or planning a road trip, Chargeway enables users to find working chargers and determine if they have enough range to reach them. After downloading the app, users will add their electric vehicle to find an appropriate charger. Chargeway only shows users compatible charging stations, although users can use the app to locate other charging stations if needed.

Another great feature is a trip planner. Users can set their current location, destination and battery percentage to find chargers as they travel.


EVgo is a charging network that is steadily growing across the United States. The app associated with these charging stations offers a stunning user interface and lets users quickly locate the nearest EV charging station. After signing up on the app, users will input their electric vehicle, and the app will automatically adjust the charging filters.

One of the top benefits of the EVgo app is the reservations feature. Members can reserve specific chargers up to 20 minutes before arriving to ensure a charger is available for use.

EV Hotel

Unlike other charging station apps, EV Hotel enables users to find places to stay with EV charging stations. Drivers can choose from over 250,000 hotels with charger stations and get traveler rewards. With sophisticated features for route planning, EV Hotel is one of the best EV charger apps for planning long road trips.

The EV Hotel app also emphasizes walkability with a walk range feature that allows users to find the perfect EV Hotel within walking distance. This feature aims to combine EV charging with human power for users to get from one place to another.

Electrify America

Electrify America is a quickly growing EV charging network with the goal of expanding across the United States. Like other EV charging apps, Electrify America directs users to add their EV upon signing up and automatically adjusts which plugs it best supports. Users can also easily change the output of the charger and filter results by currently available chargers.

Users can also link their home Electrify America charging station. If you are traveling and would like to use the app, you can view how many chargers are available and their prices per kWh or minute. It is also easy for users to bookmark their favorite chargers.


EV drivers in the United States and Canada can use Chargemap to create a driving route with color-coded identifiers for charging stations. Navigation and photos provide detailed information to help EV drivers make more informed decisions about where to charge their vehicles. With a straightforward interface and fast search capabilities, the Chargemap app is one of the best electric car apps. Users can also view their charging histories and monitor how much electricity they consume.

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