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Stay Home | Social Distancing for Full-Time RVers

March 25, 2020

For those who live and work on the road in an RV, social distancing might look a little different. When your home is on wheels what precautions do you have to take to ensure you’re staying healthy, happy and safe? In many cases, the precautions one would take in a traditional home or apartment are similar for those who call an RV home. But there are a few extra things to keep in mind. Read on for tips and helpful ideas to keep you, your family and those around you safe while living live on the road as a full-time RVer

Tips for Safely Social Distancing for Full-Time RVers

1. Follow any and all guidelines and mandates

Just because your home is on wheels doesn’t mean you can ignore any local or statewide mandates in the place you’re currently calling home. Tune in to local channels or follow local news sources on social media. This will ensure you’re up-to-date not just on national news, but on localized news that could have a direct influence on your next move.

2. Consider staying where you are

While the call of the open road might be alluring, now isn’t necessarily the time to take on a long-haul journey. Your home may be “self-contained,” but as you travel the need to stop at gas-stations, stores and other potentially crowded spaces can increase the risk of spread. Instead, consider picking a nice site close to necessary resources and just hunker down for a bit. While some campgrounds may be closed to overnight guests, in many states they are considered “essential businesses” for long-term RVers. If you haven’t found a spot to land yet call a few nearby campgrounds to find the perfect spot for an extended stay.

3. Clean, clean and clean some more

Since you’re probably traveling less, now is a great time to really get in and deep clean your rig. And we mean more than that quick tidy that can happen when you’re busy (we’re guilty of this too). Use disinfecting cleaners to give all the surfaces inside your RV a good wipe down. Take extra time to focus on areas that might get neglected during your normal cleaning routine. Pay special attention to high touch surfaces and fixtures like door knobs, switches, handles and remotes. Your outdoor furniture could also use a wipe down – put chairs, grills and storage areas on this list.

4. Practice the tenants of social distancing

Making sure you keep six feet of space between you and your immediate family and others is important whether you’re in an RV or a standalone home. If you’re staying on a campground where other guests are present take extra care to keep this in mind. Try to avoid high traffic areas. For example, consider utilizing the bathroom in your rig rather than the bathhouse.

Also remember to keep distance when out shopping for groceries and other supplies. While it might not always be easy to avoid crowds, be mindful and create space whenever possible.

5. Be aware of campground crowds

Using campground facilities makes RV life easier, but reducing use of communal areas is important. As mentioned above, use your RV’s bathroom in lieu of the bathhouse. When doing laundry, don’t crowd the room. Instead, wait for a time that machines are free and not in use by others. If the campground store is open, limit your time and keep distance. We’d also suggest keeping cooking to your RV kitchen and outdoor grill and leaving Camp Kitchen use for another time.

6. Enjoy the Great Outdoors, but be responsible

One of the biggest perks of life on the road is easy access to outdoor spaces and places. Now isn’t the time to visit the most popular locales.  Not only can they be crowed, they are more apt to be closed due to concern of COVID-19 spread. Instead, do a bit of research to find more off-the-beaten path trails and parks where you’re less likely to encounter others. If getting there requires a “pit-stop,” it’s probably best to save that one for later. Think local spaces before those that are usual prime for public use. Fresh air can big a big help when anxiety is high so don’t ignore green spaces, just think before you go.

Find more tips on getting outside responsibly here.

7. Find fun in-RV activities

Now is a great time to break out the board games, get lost in a good book or get back to that hobby you’ve been neglecting. Avoid that cooped-up feeling by varying your activities and trying fun, new things that you may have neglected when life was more “get up and go.” Try a new pod cast, make a new recipe. Remember that exploring doesn’t always have to mean hitting the road.



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