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8 Reasons You Need to Try RVing

January 31, 2018

If you’ve ever considered RVing – or even if you haven’t – these eight reasons might just be the push you need to get out and hit the open road.

Maybe the prospect of hitching up and towing an RV seems daunting. Or maybe the thought of setting up a campsite seems too much to handle. Whatever the reason, here are eight reasons to overcome your fear and give RVing a try.

1. Create the trip you want

RVing is unlike many modes of travel in that it offers the ability to create your own itinerary and change it easily and quickly. Want to spend one more day at a spot than you planned? No problem. Say goodbye to stress over changing travel plans and airplane flights. Whether you want a leisurely trip or a fast-paced adventure is up to you.

2. Bring the comforts of home with you

Gone are the days of over bleached hotel sheets and pillows someone else slept on the night before. When you RV you can bring all the comforts of home with you – even if you’re renting from someone like Outdoorsy. Bring your own bedding and food. Planning when and where to stop for a bite to eat isn’t a problem either. Pack your own food and prepare meals in the RV. You can have it all as you roll down the road.

3. Gain a new perspective, try something new and improve your health

RVing is a great way to try something new. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, even setting up camp are all activities to try and all get you moving to improve your health. Traveling in an RV provides an opportunity to stop places you might not normally and experience different cultures and ways of doing things. Soaking up the sun outdoors can even improve your mood and overall health.

4. Get outdoors and off your devices

Sometimes it’s refreshing to connect in person, and not on social media. RVing creates a sense of camaraderie and connectedness that other ways of travel often don’t. Meeting others at campgrounds and rallies often resulst in lifelong friendships. Meeting new people and other RVers isn’t the only connection you’ll make while RVing. You’ll find yourself reconnecting with your family and loved ones and growing closer.

5. Offers kids a chance to learn about the world around them

Sometimes experience is the best teacher, and getting out in the world in your RV allows your children to experience all types of new things. RVing offers the chance to meet new people and see new places all before you even reach the campsite. The journey is half the fun. Rather than flying to your destination and skipping all the states in between you and your kids can plot your way through states to your final destination, making sure to stop at all the roadside attractions you like, even if that means visiting the Cathedral of Junk, in Austin, Texas.

6. You can bring your pets

For many of us our pets are our children. Sometimes it’s difficult to travel with them when various places have restrictions on sizes, breeds and even having a pet with you at all. Luckily, when you’re RVing you’re the boss of your rig. Have five dogs and 10 cats? Load’em up. Most campgrounds are pet friendly and some even have fenced dog runs and pet areas. Slap that “My dog is my copilot,” sticker on the RV and get going with the whole family on board.

7. A more affordable way to see the world

RVing gives you the freedom to budget your trip anyway you like, choosing when and where to stop. If you’re renting an RV, peer-t0-peer options such as Outdoorsy offer lots of options and price ranges. Once you hit the road,  you can choose to stay at a comfortable campground or make camp in a parking lot, the choice is yours. You save money on food when you pack and bring your own. Lodging costs are often cheaper and gas can even cost less than airfare. Another bonus: No bag fees.

8. Campgrounds as Resorts

These days a stay at a campground can be like a stay at a resort. Many campgrounds are truly destinations in themselves. They can offer recreation and staff-led activities, a resort-style pool, and places to eat all on the campground. They also feature plenty of awesome RV sites with fire pits and other amenities. Many feature activities for the kids as well, including bike rentals, miniature golf, playgrounds and jump pads. There’s something for everyone when you’re camping in style!

Reasons why you should try RVing

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