4 Family Camping Menus for Your Weekend Camping Trip

December 10, 2020

The Best Weekend Camping Menus

Take the stress out of your family camping adventure by planning a yummy menu beforehand. Whether you are planning a family camping trip filled with activities or a low-key, relaxing weekend, planning ahead is a great way to make the most out of your vacation. When you plan out your camping menu, you know exactly what items and ingredients you will need to bring to make one scrumptious meal after another. Plus, less meal prep at the campsite means more time to have fun with the family.

If you want to make your meal planning as simple as finding the perfect Kampgrounds of America location, let our delicious camping menus do all the hard work for you.

Below are four of the best camping menus for any two-night camping trip. Each menu starts with a delicious Friday night dinner and ends with a hearty Sunday morning breakfast. We have also included recipes for delectable desserts to enjoy before bedtime. Our easy camping menus let you be the great campground chef we know you are deep inside.

Grab and Go Camping Menu
Grab and Go Camping Menu

When you have lots of activities and camping fun squeezed into your weekend, there is not a whole lot of time to focus on the food. Our Grab and Go Camping Menu is filled with dishes that are either easy to make or premade. The recipes feature time-saving ingredients that can be quickly cooked up on a skillet, grill or griddle, like No-Fuss Pancakes or a yummy Breakfast Skillet. Other meals are as simple as assembling a deli sandwich or heating up a take and bake pizza.

Our Grab and Go Camping option is perfect for those planning a last-minute trip or adventurers who don’t have a ton of kitchen experience.

KOA Family Fun Camping Menu
Family Fun Camping Menu

Camping trips are a great opportunity for your kids of all ages to learn exciting new skills and take on the unknown. Between teaching your kids to kayak or hike, take some time to let them get involved in the cooking, too. Our Family Fun Camping Menu includes simple recipes that can be whipped up by young and old alike.

Whether it is cooking up hot dogs on a stick or learning how to use the griddle for some sweet Cinnamon Roll French Toast, your kids will feel a real sense of accomplishment and pride having helped get the items in this family camping menu ready. Plus, you will not hear any complaints about meals tasting “yucky” since each dish is as kid-friendly as they get.

Farm to Table Camping Menu
Farm to Table Camping Menu

Our Farm to Table Camping Menu is all about fresh, local and delicious. Each meal features fruits and veggies that make their appearance during the summer season. The best way to experience this menu is to see if there are any local fruit stands or farmer’s markets near your campground where you can buy ingredients straight from the source. However, even if you buy what you need at the grocery store, you will love how invigorated you feel enjoying fresh goodies each day.

Grill up some avocadoes and corn over an open flame to bring out an incredible depth of flavor. Enjoy a simple yet succulent Sausage and Veggie Frittata that will send your taste buds soaring, and snack on some Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. Each meal is farm to table at its best.

Retro Camping Menu
Retro Camping Menu

When it comes to the joys of eating in the great outdoors, sometimes a traditional camping menu is the best way to go. Our Retro Camping Menu is a trip down memory lane with classic camping cuisine from the ’50s and ’60s. Think Hobo Dinner — foil packets filled with beef, carrots and potatoes that can be cooked over your campfire. Or, how about waking up to some Corn Beef and Hashbrowns? Most of these recipes can be whipped up over an open flame or in a skillet.

Our Retro Camping Menu is an excellent option if you have a little more time to cook, and you want to spend some quality time around the campfire. It is also a great way to introduce your kids to old-school recipes that are still fan-favorites today.

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Find the perfect camping menu for your next family adventure. From kid-friendly options to farm-to-table menu ideas, there's something for everyone!

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