4 Camping Food On A Stick Recipes


From a kid-friendly lunch, to a tasty campfire dessert, camping food on a stick just tastes better! Feel like a kid again with these simple recipes you can make on your next camping trip. Follow KOA on Pinterest to learn more fun and simple ideas of what to eat while camping. Happy cooking!

1.) Hot Dogs on a Stick

Hold these hot dogs over a campfire or grill and rotate them often until dogs are browned and bubbling.

Make these hot dogs on a stick during your next camping trip!













2.) Shish Kabobs

Shish Kabobs are always fun to make during camping trips- customize the ingredients to your liking and enjoy!

Shish Kabobs for camping









3.) Apple Pie on a Stick

Mmm.. did someone say pie? All you need are three ingredients for these tasty apple pie campfire treats.

Baked apples on a stick









4.) S’mores

This s’mores recipe has a fun twist – place roasted marshmallows on top of a graham cracker crumb brownie!

Make these s'mores at your campsite









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Make these fun camping recipes - all food you can easily make on a stick!