Desserts And Snacks

Everybody’s favorites, desserts for the end of the day and snacks to travel with.

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  • Calico Caramel Corn

    Ingredients: fruit-flavored round toasted oat cereal, packed brown sugar, margarine or butter, light corn syrup, salt, vanilla, baking soda
    Submitted By: KOA
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  • Camp Eclairs

    Ingredients: can of biscuit dough, vanilla pudding, chocolate frosting
    Submitted By: Rus Scherer & Jamie Thompson
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  • Camp Fruit Cobbler

    Ingredients: cans fruit pie filling, cans refrigerated biscuits or 1 recipe bisquick biscuit dough, brown sugar, cinnamon,
    Submitted By: Melissa Ray - Monte Vista, CO
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  • Campfire Delights

    Ingredients: peanut butter, bananas, Hershey bars, bag of marshmallows, bread
    Submitted By: Carol Stahl
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  • Campfire Dessert Wraps

    Ingredients: flour tortilla for each person, peanut butter, mini-marshmallows, mini-chocolate chips
    Submitted By: Susan Borden - Waterford,NY
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  • Campfire Fudge

    Ingredients: Nestle Semi-Sweet chococlate chips, sweetened condensed milk, water, granola cereal
    Submitted By: KOA
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  • Campfire Pineapple Upsidedown Cakes

    Ingredients: box glazed doughnuts (6 - 8), can pineapple rings, pats of butter, marachino cherries, brown sugar
    Submitted By: Liz Willis - Stockton, CA
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  • Camping Cobbler

    Ingredients: stick margarine, flour, sugar, milk, can sliced peaches or favorite fruit
    Submitted By: Linda McRae - Starke, FL
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  • Camping Rice Pudding

    Ingredients: instant rice, dry milk, raisins, sugar, cinnamon, water
    Submitted By: Cin Plamondon, Ariel, WA
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  • Candy Bar Pie

    Ingredients: large container Cool Whip, extra large chocolate candy bar, graham cracker or cookie pie crust
    Submitted By: Carolyn Taff
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Page 1 of 4 (32 recipes)

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