Desserts And Snacks

Desserts And Snacks

Everybody’s favorites, desserts for the end of the day and snacks to travel with.

  • Nacho's

    Ingredients: can pork and beans, bottle BBQ sauce, hamburger, bag Doritoes (Nacho Cheese flavor), grated cheddar cheese
    Submitted By: Sherry DeWeese, Weatherford, TX
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  • No Bake Date Nut Chewies

    Ingredients: stick melted butter, sugar, 8 oz. package of dates, chopped, vanilla, chopped nuts, any kind, flaked coconut (optional)
    Submitted By: Ginger Morgan - Maryville, TN
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  • No-Cook Fudge

    Ingredients: water, butter or margarine, 16 oz. package confectioner's sugar, nonfat dry milk powder, cocoa powder, salt
    Submitted By: KOA
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