Lake Placid / Whiteface Mtn. KOA Holiday Campground Blog

Camp in Comfort with KOA Cabins


KOA Cabins in Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn. New YorkWhat makes KOA cabin rentals perfect for your vacation? Cabins are a great way to connect with Mother Nature, while still being able to retreat indoors at night.Did you know there is more than one way to cabin camp at KOA? Check out the differences in...

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Get reimbursed if it rains during your stay!


Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ll be proactively reimbursed if rain [or heat] impacts your stay/experience. Through our partnership with Sensible Weather, the leading provider of weather protection in the travel and hospitality space, you can add a Weather Guarantee to your booking that...

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2024 Athletic Events in Wilmington, New York.


Exploring the Sporting Spirit: Athletic Events in Lake Placid/Wilmington, New York, 2024Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid and its neighboring town of Wilmington stand as veritable havens for sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Renowned for hosting the 1932...

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Ways to Stay at Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn. KOA Holiday


RV, Deluxe Cabins, Camping Cabins, Tents and now … Motel Lodging!Enjoying a getaway in the great outdoors is relaxing, fun and exciting no matter how you camp. While tent camping allows people to enjoy being outdoors, building campfires and exploring, some campers prefer Rving, or staying in cabins....

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10 Things to Do in Wilmington, NY


When exploring Wilmington, NY, and its surrounding areas, you'll find a wealth of activities that cater to all interests! From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, this region has something for everyone. Here's a guide to some of the best things to do near Wilmington, NY:1. Whiteface Mountain...

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Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn KOA Holiday | Campground Updates


Join us as we transition North Pole Resorts to Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn KOA Holiday. As a landmark campground within the Wilmington community, our mission is connecting people to the outdoors and each other. Our goal is to improve the RV and camping accommodation offering while also enhancing the...

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Top Tips for Camping With Your Pet


If you’re like most pet owners, you probably want to bring your furry friend along wherever you go. At KOA we want all members of the family to explore nature and enjoy a camping adventure – even the four-legged ones! Whether you’re planning on camping with your pet for the first time, or just need...

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Best Ways to Experience Fall in Lake Placid


Fall is an excellent season to enjoy the cooling weather and local traditions. There are many traditional ways to enjoy the season and events to attend with friends and family to mark the start of autumn. There are plenty of things to do in the fall at Lake Placid to bring in the season, including...

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How to Hike the Adirondacks


The Adirondacks are a popular location for hiking and backpacking in New York state. Many of the mountain trails climb above 4,000 feet in elevation, with beautiful valley views and generally mild temperatures in the fall and spring months. You might encounter waterfalls on your way through the...

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Best Lake Placid Cycling Routes


Lake Placid is a beautiful area tucked between the peaks of New York's Adirondack Mountains near the precipitous Whiteface Region. The breathtaking views and terrain surrounding Lake Placid make it an ideal destination for both road biking and mountain biking. If you are an avid cyclist interested...

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Adirondack Wildlife Guide


When you visit the Adirondacks, your stay includes gorgeous mountain scenery and views of all the fascinating wildlife in Upstate New York. From beavers along the shores of Lake Placid to black bears and moose camouflaged within the rich deciduous mountains, plan to spot an array of creatures while...

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Fishing in the Adirondacks


Fishing in the Whiteface region of the Adirondacks means your choice of any of the region's freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds or streams, each filled and primed for both bait angling and fly fishing. Visitors flock to the area each year for outdoor vacations and fishing adventures, with trout as the...

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9 Most Beautiful RV Campgrounds in the U.S.


Travel and Leisure experts have named Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn. KOA Holiday one of the 9 most beautiful campgrounds in the United States. What an honor! Click here to read the full article.Ready for some travel and leisure of your own? Book a getaway at Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain KOA Holiday...

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Chilly nights around the campfire call for hearty, warm-you-up dishes. This list features recipes perfect for making during the colder months. From tasty stews to flavorful desserts you’ll want to bookmark these cold weather camping recipes for use on your next camping trip.Ready to pitch your tent...

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Some of the best camping memories are made with the simplest of traditions and gathering everyone around the picnic table or fire ring for a friendly game of chance or skill is one of those times. Family game night is one of the best ways to wind down after a day of outdoor adventure. A simple card...

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Our Favorite Fall Recipes


Do you smell that? It’s the time of year when the air gets a bit or crisp, leaves start changing and smells of spice, apples and pumpkins feel the air. Yep, it’s Fall, and it’s one of our favorite times of year.While summer winds down, camping only gets better. Cooler temperatures promise...

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RV Atlas Podcast Review


Camping with the "new normal" looks a little different, but it's nothing to be scared of. Have a listen, read their story, and check out their pictures from the family of five (plus fur friend) on their stay over Fourth of July weekend. Safety and fun is the name of the game at the campground, and...

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Timeless Family Fun


As you make your way out to your favorite campground this summer, you may notice some restrictions and policies have been put in place due to COVID-19. Restrictions on group size, guests, pool access, recreational amenities and more will slightly change your camping experience at the start of this...

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It’s that time of year again. The snow is melting and the grass is starting to show again. Unless you’re a full time RVer, you probably winterized and stored your RV for the winter. It’s time to get your rig out of storage and ready for spring and summer adventures to your favorite campground!How to...

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In this RV how-to video we’ll show you what fluid levels to check, and how to do it. Add these fluid level checks to your preventive maintenance schedule to help identify any problems early.Once you have your RV in ship-shape, head over to our campground for a well-deserved vacation! Book your RV...

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