S’mores Martini & Yummy Marshmallow Cocktails


Marshmallows aren’t just made to be roasted! Try one of these yummy takes on traditional s’mores.

  • S’mores Martini – Dip the rim of a martini glass in a shallow dish of chocolate syrup, then in a dish of graham cracker crumbs. Combine 1 oz (each) marshmallow vodka, chocolate liqueur and cream in a martini shaker with ice. Pour into glass and garnish with toasted marshmallow.
  • Marshmallow Sippers – Toast marshmallows. Cool completely. Scoop out center with a melon baller, scooping only halfway down. Fill with Irish Cream Liqueur or Coffee Liqueur.
  • Marshmallow Dippers – Dip toasted marshmallows in a cup of Irish Cream Liqueur or Coffee Liqueur.
  • S’mores Hot Cocoa – Prepare hot chocolate. Add 1 oz. marshmallow vodka and 1 ounce hazelnut liqueur. Top with toasted marshmallows.

Now, find a KOA where you can build a fire, gather with friends and enjoy it.

Make S'mores Cocktails