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8 Decorating Tips for Creating Space in Your RV

April 17, 2018

A few clever decorating tips can add much needed visual space to the interior of your RV. Use these eight decorating tips and tricks to create space in your RV.

If you spend days, weeks, or even months at a time in your RV, you know the small space can sometimes feel cramped.

But with some clever decorating techniques, you can make the interior of your RV look and feel bigger than it is. From painting your walls to fixing your lighting, there are plenty of easy, quick design solutions to improve your space issues.

Start with these ideas to make your home-away-from-home feel a little more spacious.

1. Switch out your window treatments.

When your space is brighter, it feels bigger. Opt for window blinds or shades that easily open to let the light in. Choose a lighter color to keep the space airy. For the ultimate convenience, buy cordless window blinds that can be raised with one swift motion so you can let the light in quickly each morning.

2. Utilize low furniture.

When you’re in an RV, you need to be creative with your furniture. If your furniture isn’t already built in, invest in pieces that are low to the ground to create the illusion of tall ceilings. For example, you can forgo a box spring and place your mattress on a low bed frame or directly on the floor. Consider switching out your chairs, tables, and couches for lower versions, as well. The more space there is between your furniture and your ceiling, the larger the room will feel. Make sure you also hang your artwork low to keep it consistent.

3. Use hidden storage areas.

Speaking of furniture, look for pieces that double as a storage unit. Select an ottoman or bench that opens up and store your extra blankets and pillows in them. Find a coffee table that has storage inside for your books, papers, pens, and games. This helps declutter your RV to open up the space visually—and no one will ever know you have all those extra belongings lying around!

4. Get rid of rugs and carpets.

While rugs and carpets can make your space feel cozier, they can also make it feel smaller. Opt for tiles or hardwood floors instead. Rugs and carpets are also harder to clean, so choosing tile or hardwood floors makes it easier to clean your RV. Just be sure to stick to lighter colors, which reflect more light to help a room look spacious. If the room feels too sterile without any carpeting, add a small area rug or two.

5. Spread out the lighting.

If your RV has overhead lighting, turn off the switches and use lamps instead. When you have overhead lights, the light mostly hits the center of the room and leaves the corners dark, making the space look smaller. Lamps, on the other hand, ensure that light covers the entire interior of the RV. Instead of harsh fluorescent lighting, choose light bulbs that mimic natural lighting for a soothing glow.

6. Paint with cool and light colors.

Dark, warm colors such as navy, forest green, and burgundy can give your RV a cozy vibe, but they can also make it feel smaller in size. Instead, opt for light, cooler tones like light blue, off-white, lavender, and light green to open up your RV. It will feel even larger when the natural light from outside hits the room.

7. Use horizontal and vertical stripes to your benefit.

Solid-colored walls not speaking to you? Paint horizontal or vertical stripes onto your walls or decorate with horizontal and vertical-striped wallpaper to create the illusion of more space. Horizontal stripes help make the room feel wider than it is, while vertical stripes draw the eye upward to make the room appear to be taller.

8. Install mirrors onto your walls.

The “mirror trick” is a decorating classic—and for good reason. Full-length mirrors, over-the-door mirrors, and other types of reflective surfaces trick to the eye into thinking there’s much more space than there actually is. They naturally make your RV look bigger and reflect more light into your home.

Your RV doesn’t have to feel tiny. Use these tips to make your space a little bigger and brighter, and enjoy a more calming, open atmosphere.

Abigail Sawyer is the Senior Social Marketing Specialist for Blinds.com and a home improvement junkie currently restoring a 1972 cottage with her husband and Goldendoodle, Biscuit. Visit the Blinds.com website to find which window treatments are right for you.

Use these tips to create space in your RV

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