10 Reasons to Extend Your Stay at KOA

April 22, 2024

You spend much time planning and anticipating your trip. Before you know it, it’s time to pack up and head home. If you wish you had booked an extra day at your KOA location, we have some great news — KOA is making it more convenient for you to extend your stay at one of our campgrounds and enjoy a prolonged holiday.

1. Skip the Dump Station Lines

We’ve all been there, queuing at the dump station, reminiscing about all the fun we had over the past weekend. Suddenly, the wait gets longer, the post-holiday blues set in and you start to realize that your vacation is over.

Amid these emotions, you consider skipping the queue and asking for a campground extension. The great news is that you can enjoy a longer holiday at KOA. When you extend your camping stay, you get the perk of quiet weekday checkouts and shorter lines at the dump station, plus another day to enjoy your time away.

A couple looks at the sunset while enjoying a campfire.

2. See One Last Sunset

Additional nights at a campground means one more sunset and sunrise. Watching the sun rise and set is a rarity for most of us. You should make the most of it if you get another chance to take in the ambient and vibrant sun hues. With 500 locations across North America, KOA Campgrounds boats some of the most beautiful and scenic sunsets. Extending a camping reservation means enjoying these sights and colors for longer.

3. Take an Extra Day to Explore the Area

Each KOA location offers various on-site amenities. Some have pools, walking trails, game rooms and lookout points. Some campgrounds are located near beaches and national parks and within walking or driving distance of famous sights and attractions. While these sights, activities and attractions might be on your itinerary, holidays can be unpredictable.

You might have less time than expected to do everything you planned. We know this can be a bummer, so we offer prolonged camping trips. When you extend your stay at KOA, you can check off more or all the items on your to-do list and make the most of your trip.

A woman on her laptop lounges by the pool as kids jump in.

4. Get the Pool to Yourself

The pool is a popular attraction and a great place to enjoy time with family, friends and fellow campers. Some days, you want to sit poolside with a book and enjoy silence. Maybe you want to peacefully float on your flamingo, enjoying the sun and a nap? Downtime at the pool can be challenging when brimming with fellow holidaymakers.

A camping trip extension is an excellent solution if this is the case. Adding a day or two to your holiday allows you to enjoy quieter pool days and quality alone time, especially if your stay is over a weekday.

5. Skip the Traffic

Does the trip home after a weekend feel longer than the drive there? If yes, there are a few reasons for this:

  1. All the holiday excitement is over.
  2. You might be thinking about returning to work or school, which can be a bit downer after a fun weekend.
  3. Everyone’s decided to leave on the same day and you’re stuck in traffic.

Noting prolongs your drive more than congested roads. Missing the traffic and enjoying a relaxing and smooth trip home is a great reason to extend your camping holiday.

6. Savor the Silence

Most see camping as a way to escape the everyday noise and the hustle and bustle. When you’re bombarded with work, social media and daily distractions, finding time to think and enjoy silence can be difficult. Taking more time or a few more days to savor the tranquility of the outdoors at a KOA campsite is an excellent reason to extend your stay. This time might be what you need to reset and rest.

7. Enjoy Doing Nothing

Amid all the activities, fun, sights and excitement, you might need more time to sit and do nothing. While going out daily and spending time at the pool can be fun, finding time to rest is essential. An extra day at your KOA campsite can mean sitting around and enjoying having nowhere to be and nothing to do.

8. Get the Most Out of Nature

Nature offers many health benefits, like reducing cortisol and stress levels. With busy schedules and lives, you may not often enjoy the outdoors. The great thing is various KOA campgrounds are surrounded by greenery, and if you extend your holiday at our campsite, you get more time to explore and immerse yourself in nature.

Group of four friends gathering around the table at an RV site to have a meal.

9. More Quality Time With Loved Ones

One of the most significant benefits of camping is spending time away from technology and quality time with family. If you want to extend your stay at KOA, enjoying more uninterrupted time with your loved ones is as good as it gets. Spend another day together hiking, swimming, stargazing or playing board games and enjoy making more memories.

10. You Deserve It — Treat Yourself!

Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life working? When you put it into perspective, you realize you work long and hard. So, what’s an extra day camping, spending time in nature with family away from life’s stressors? If you need one good reason to extend your holiday at KOA, you deserve a break and some extra self-care now and again.

How to Extend a Camping Trip at KOA

Contact your campground reception and speak to our helpful staff to extend your holiday at KOA. Your front-desk team will explain the process for extending your camping reservation and help you book additional time at your lodging option or site, depending on availability.

Contact a KOA campground near your next travel destination to learn more about extending your trip.

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