Aug 11, 2022
Our firewood was taken the first night, our family who was staying with us had their firewood and camping chairs stolen the second day we were there. While the camp ground replaced the firewood, the camp chairs were not to be found or replaced. We also had mice in our cabin that ate our food.
Aug 11, 2022
Everything was great, but we left one day and came back to find out all four of our camping chairs were taken from out campsite @ $120 worth of chairs, along with our wood and our site was cleaned on the outside. Went to the office, right across from our site to let them know. Very disappointed on how it was handled and they did didn't accommodate for us thought they would comp a night or two, nop
Aug 08, 2022
Aug 08, 2022
Aug 07, 2022
The staff was very helpful and friendly. The campground was great and we loved our cabin. Even tried to extend our stay but it was fully booked. We would definitely go back.
Aug 07, 2022
The campground was better before the koa took over. The bathrooms and showers were only cleaned once during our 6 night stay and the store closed at 6 every day even though the website said 9
Aug 06, 2022
Aug 06, 2022
Everything was very clean.
Aug 01, 2022
We wished there was more activities for the kids. And we were unaware the pool was closed until we arrived. Other than that it was beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves
Jul 31, 2022
The staff were very friendly and always helpful. The playground and pool were a bit disappointing as the playground was outdated and the pool was not available when there was advertising for it. We were offered to go to there sister KOA down the road however it was a few miles and not convenient for parents to relax. I wish I would have known there was not a pool on site.
Jul 25, 2022
Jul 23, 2022
We had a great time! The cabin was clean and the location was excellent!
Jul 23, 2022
Not as good as the lake placid koa. Friendly staff, but not as advertised. No tub, hard to bathe young children. No patio. Loft too hot for summer, even with fans. Glass found on playground. Pools closed!! Trash around site. Grill was on fire from so much junk in it. Oven and stove were temperamental. TV and wifi didn't work. Too close to traffic sounds. Would not return unless no other option.
Jul 15, 2022
Loft would benefit from having some sort of padding in it. Or let the renter know to bring an air mattress.
Jul 15, 2022
Great service Wished we were told the pool was unavailable and on another campsite But we had a great time regardless
Jul 12, 2022
The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The one thing I need to stress is this. The game room. If you’re going to have one, put more effort into making it modern and up to date. You’re sitting on a potential cash cow!! And, update the mini golf course please. Also, you should offer mountain bike rentals. The buggies are big and cumbersome. Especially for younger kids. But overall, yay KO
Jul 09, 2022
Jul 07, 2022
Jul 04, 2022
Nice campground. Great location. Close to the high peaks for fantastic hiking. Stay would have been made better if the pool was open - it's currently closed being renovated. Will stay again.
Jul 04, 2022
It was the first time we stayed in a camping cabin, although we have used tent sites at KOA before. It was really really nice! We truly enjoyed our stay!
Jul 01, 2022
Unfortunately we were very disappointed with our stay. We rented a cabin at the north Pole resort in the woods...ended up in an open parking lot next to registration. Then we didn't have a pool at our location. No full size fridge. The electric on the back wall didn't work. The hot water didn't work most of the time. Store opened late and closed @6 and no TV. Not happy with our experience at all.
Jul 01, 2022
Friendly staff.
Jun 30, 2022
It was a brief one night stay. The cabin and site were very clean and staff was very friendly.
Jun 28, 2022
Jun 27, 2022
I found the washrooms very clean on Thursday and Friday but not as much Saturday and Sunday. We loved the cabin we stayed in. Internet connection was not good inside the cabin but good outside.
Jun 17, 2022
I Cancelled a 10 day stay after one night. I made reservations in February for the cabin I've been renting almost 20 years. It was gone. I'm told to stay in a camping cabin and then relocate. No linens, bathroom, cooking none of which I am prepared for. And then the ants. The staff was excellent and understanding and by far KOA's biggest asset. More details to follow on trip advisor.


While we provided options, including your original cabin in its new location and a Deluxe Cabin at our other property, we understand that this was not what you had in mind. We apologize. For the sake of clarity, all Deluxe Cabins are located on the 100 Acre Wood side at the present time.
Jun 07, 2022
I stayed in a deluxe cabin, had everything i needed except coffee filters....
Jun 06, 2022
Jun 04, 2022
Love the River and was nice to have a cabin near there. Beautiful Setup
Apr 09, 2024
Suck a beautiful ride up there and the Scenery is breathtaking, during winter and every other peaceful and relaxing I love it
- Shane Cherry on Google
Dec 22, 2023
One of our favourite places to camp. Great staff and great location
- Richard Hart on Google
Nov 13, 2023
Just did a Trunk Or Treat there for Halloween in was great
- Cecil Smith on Google